OA00bAPhAs solopreneurs we dream of the day we can chuck our 9 to 5 and ride off into the sunset while doing our own endeavors. But did you ever consider taking what you do in your day job and creating an online business from it? And what about working with your spouse, is that something you’ve wanted but haven’t pulled the trigger on yet?

Our guests for today have done both. Jill and Josh Stanton of Screw The 9 to 5 join us to talk about what it takes to make it as a solopreneur team and couple, and how to transition from your 9 to 5 day job, to your own business. All of that and more on episode 205 of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

Josh and Jill Stanton have been together as a couple and as a working team for a few years now, and they’ve learned a lot of valuable and applicable lessons along the way. When they met Josh was already an internet marketer and Jill was dreaming of the day she’d be working for herself. She was tired of the service industry and was ready to make a change, but to what she didn’t know.

One day they had an idea to create an affiliate page together and so began their solopreneurial journey together. It took a few more years for it to take shape and form, but eventually they were building successful affiliate pages together. Josh’s first ebook was about how to take better care of your goldfish (really!) and Jill created products based on what she knew: how to make more money in the service industry. They were taking simple things they already knew and making products out of them.

According to Josh and Jill that’s one of the keys to being a successful solopreneur. If you aren’t sure what to start with, start with what you know! If you have a burning idea for a business then give that a go, but otherwise take your existing knowledge and create a digital product, offer consulting services or build a membership site. It’s how they built successfully in their early days, and it still helps them today.

More About This Show:

  • What are the three main ways to create an online business?
  • Jill’s definition of luck: what is it and how does it apply to being a solopreneur?
  • Who has earned the affectionate nickname “SEO ho”?
  • Why being emotionally fit is so vital to solopreneurship.
  • The failure that led them to create Screw The 9 to 5.
  • And SO much more!

Another approach that helps them today is their ability to work as a team. Although it’s difficult at times, they have learned how to be in a relationship and be business partners. They make time for themselves in the morning and at night. They call it their “wake up and break up” ritual! In the morning each of them will go off for an hour alone, either to work out or do something by themselves. And at night they spend time just being a couple, like having a glass of wine and talking.

They also chose who they surround themselves with. They moved to Thailand to be around other entrepreneurs, online marketers and various solopreneurs. They love that their dinner conversations consistent of Facebook KPIs, conversion rates and lead gen ideas. Following one of the cardinal rules of being a solopreneur they have chosen friends who are on the same path they are, people who understand why they do what they do and support them in their efforts.

On that same vein we also discuss how to chose a coach or a new program. Because there are SO many options available to someone wanting to start or grow their business, it’s easy to get led astray. Just like choosing your friends, you need to choose a program or a coach based on who they are and what they are up to. If you’re signing up for someone’s coaching program have they gotten the results you want? What proof do they show you?

The simple rule is this: if the person you’re going to buy from has what you want to have then go for it. If you want to make $10,000 a month writing ebooks then find someone who’s done that and do what they did. But if you can’t see the proof or the results you’re looking for in this person’s life or their clients’ lives then you’re probably wasting your money and your time.

One final lesson we’ll touch on here – although there are many others in this episode – is the failure that led to the successful creation of their Screw The 9 to 5 brand. Even though they had built a thriving business from their affiliate marketing offerings, they had never created a personal brand.

In the first year they tried to do so they were just winging it, and learning as they went. They created an online product based on an aspect of their business, but they didn’t test it within their audience or ask people if it would be relevant for them.

So after several months and $6,000, they released this product to the sound of crickets. They generated no sales! They revamped their approach and asked their audience for their stories, for their struggles and for what they were in need of in their businesses.

From those stories and conversations their brand was built. They taught what they knew, created programs, resources and coaching offerings from that knowledge and that has shifted everything for Jill and Josh.

We cover much more in this episode so download it for a listen! We discuss what their Screw You program has to offer, why you’ve got to take action to really accomplish anything and the four key questions to always ask your audience.

Please join me in thanking Jill and Josh for being here, and big thanks to you for being here too! We’ll see you next time on The Solopreneur Hour.

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