markWelcome solopreneurs! We’re here with another awesome Q&A session. Thank you all for sending in your questions. Joining me to answer them is my brother from another mother, Dr. Mark Costes.

On today’s show we chat about setting goals for the new year, how to choose a coach and then we get to your questions. Thanks for being here for episode 207 of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

For those of you who haven’t tuned in previously we do a question and answer session on Fridays. Come over to the Facebook group (you can find it here) and look for my post on Thursdays, leave your question in the comments section and I’ll answer it when I record Friday’s show.

And with that, here are the questions you asked this week!

Steven Stromick
Michael you once said you had a great idea for the yoga niche, my wife is a yoga instructor, would love to hear your idea

Steven Crutchfield
Number one thing you wish you had done when you first started your podcast? In other words, is there something you would have done differently from the start.

Callum Rankine
Can you recommend a good guide on how to interview people? Also when is Life After 8 Weeks opening up again? Thank you.

Brad Brown
Hey Michael, Merry Christmas dude. One of my goals for 2015 is to work on my business more than working in my business. In order to do that I need to outsource a lot of what I am currently doing. How would you go about doing that if that were one of your goals. I’m stuck in the ‘no one can do it like I can’ mindset. How would you recommend overcoming that.

Dave @ Fresh Rag
@solohour that’s my question for the next show. What are your updated thoughts on this new territory we are entering?

Jackie Smith
I have a question Michael O’Neal. So many people online get into coaching. I hired a coach years ago over ten, and after 3 phone calls I realized bad investment. I feel that too many online people get into coaching for the money and truly are not qualified to do so? What’s your thought on this, and what are 5 things you would advise to choose the right coach. And before you ask,,,, Yes I’m coachable! LOL

Thom Singer
What is your take on how a solopreneur can upscale a successful business?

Ozeal DeBastos
What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned in 2014?

Jace Jacobs Wazzzupp Brother? I just wanted to chime in and wish you and the Proudly Unemployable group Happy Holidays. You are very much appreciated and I’m grateful to have you as an influence. Cheers

Rey Brown
You’ve had your “Sexy 6” for a while now. If you were to revamp those what six would take over…. *Product Alert* “Life After The Sexy 6”: You’ve read the books, your landscape has changed, now what!… You’re welcome lol.

Jonathan Wilson
A show suggestion. Bring back JJ collier for another show. I just listened to that one. Very helpful. Any other tips for wardrobe essentials?

Marcus A. Cylar
I’d like to clarify what I asked last week, if I may. I fully understand the importance of list-building to safeguard against potential sudden changes in Facebook’s algorithms or policies.

My question for you specifically is how/where would you rebuild this particular Proudly Unemployable group if Facebook shut down its group functionality tomorrow? What platform would you use? What about for the private group you have for Sololab?

It seems every other community-building platform on the market, except perhaps Google+, which the masses still haven’t adopted, is of the membership-site variety, which requires signups, usernames, passwords, and the like, none of which are rocket science, but are still participation deterrents for many.

The best thing about FB groups is since this is the one platform everyone is on, you can build great public and private communities without making people sign up and remember extra login credentials. It would be a shame if something happened to wipe out all the communities you and other entrepreneurs/coaches have built through this platform.

As true as it is that we all must have our own online properties independent of social media sites, this just becomes more difficult when it comes to building strong, thriving, well-engaged communities. Interested to hear your genius perspective on this conundrum.

Ron Fugle
Merry Christmas also brother ! Goals are a big topic right now so 1 What do your 2015 goals really look like and what do you recommend others to do when setting up their goals for 2015. I like to set big goals where some do not recommend that, what are your thoughts and recommendations.

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