bumHey all you Unemployables! Welcome to another edition of The Solopreneur Hour.

Today I’m in Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics Show.  It’s basically like Christmas for big kids.  Anything that has a power button (or not), is wearable, or connected, is here at the show.

Joining me for this episode is the one and only, Amy Schmittauer from SavvySexySocial.com.  We have a great time talking about how to rock out your video content marketing, then answer your questions from the Proudly Unemployable group.  Have a listen to the 213th episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

If you missed Amy’s previous appearance on the show check it out here, and get her backstory.

Today Amy and I chat about our highlights from CES, three savvy, sexy and social tips she has for us to improve our videos, and how to make great videos simply and quickly. We geek out on equipment details, all of you techies will love it!

And then last, but certainly not least, we answer your questions. If you want to be included in our next Q&A sess please join us at the Proudly Unemployable Facebook group here and watch for my post requesting your questions.

Speaking of which here are this week’s questions!

Anetra Henry-Hunting
Michael, what would you call someone (or a service) that helps another business create the infrastructure they need to move their business forward? (Something cool and fun….not coach or consultant).

Jonathan Wilson
Thinking of starting a podcast in my niche, day job industry. The industry is fairly small, geographically spread out and not very well connected to each other. Format would be mostly industry-people interviews.

How could I best spread the word about the show? I have a feeling my audience would be mostly composed of “what is a podcast?” type of people. Thanks!

Ellen Reaves 
Thinking of starting a podcast with my brother which will chronicle his journey to get his kids into the college of their choice. We will be interviewing experts but also want to interview other parents who have their own tips about applying for college.

Our target audience is a busy mom, 52 with 2 kids (teen and a tween). How would you launch the podcast and market on social media? Thanks Michael, absolutely love the podcast!

Robert Bone 
Michael, should I cut the blue wire or the red one? There was a green one I cut but now the timer is counting down quickly.

Thanks in advance.

Andrew Slominski 
How can I prevent myself from buying expensive “tools” for my business when these are the toys I would be buying for myself anyway. Computers, cameras, lenses, etc. I’m a photographer and I just made the difficult decision to return an expensive computer that I had been looking forward to.

Robert Bone
Hey Andrew, I’m sure Michael will cover this properly, but I suggest putting together a simple business plan and look at projected turnover and costs, and from there work out your budgets (ie equipment, marketing, etc). Then STICK TO THE BUDGETS!

The biggest killer of small businesses is cash-flow, and as a business every penny you spend comes off your bottom line, and as a solopreneur, your company profit exactly equals how much you personally earn.

It’s easy to think of non-essential tools (toys???) as a tax write-off, but although it gets off-set against your tax, you’re not getting 100% of it back in tax. Don’t fall into this trap of wantonly spending big bucks in order to reduce your tax liability by a small amount.

To put it another. Imagine you fall, break a wrist and can’t hold a camera for a couple of weeks. Would you rather have cash in the bank to pay some bills, or a fancy computer to play solitaire on whilst the credit card bills are gaining compound interest?

Martin Hollands
In any area of branding, what or who impressed you in 2014? And looking into this year what sort of branding trends can you you see coming to light?

Mark R. LePage 
What was your biggest failure in 2014?

Jill Guarino Brown
Have you gotten the Google call? The one where they tell you they have a spot available for you on the first page for your business? (and for a small fee it can be you) What do you or would you tell them?

Mark R. LePage 
What was the most life altering innovation you found at CES?

Karen Lock Kolp
Following up on Mark’s question, are there any adaptive technologies at CES for people with disabilities, like for instance someone with limited or no hand use?


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