As solopreneurs we have to take the lessons we learn from every experience, whether a success or not, and apply them to our next venture. Our guest for today, returning co-host Omar Zenhom, did just that when creating his latest podcast, The $100 MBA Show, and a soon-to-be-launched webinar platform called Webinar Ninja.

Tune in to hear what Omar learned from the failure of his first podcast, how that led to success with The $100 MBA Show, and where he got the inspiration from for Webinar Ninja. All of that and more on the 219th episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

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Omar’s first visit to the show fills you in on his background and you can find it here. In fact, that episode aired around the time he launched his second podcast, The $100 MBA Show. He and his fiance Nicole had already built The $100 MBA and had established it as a brand that offered all the knowledge you get while earning your MBA for a hundred bucks (instead of hundreds of thousands for an MBA).

Their first foray into podcasting was a show called People Who Know Their S**t. They both love podcasts and saw the boom in the industry and wanted to contribute. But the show’s format wasn’t conducive to their strengths. Neither Omar nor Nicole enjoyed interviewing so when they created PWKTS as an interview-styled show it didn’t work well.

Being the smart solopreneurs they are they reassessed and saw a new opportunity with their current brand, The $100 MBA. Instead of trying to be something they weren’t, they opted to make this second podcast a show that taught a specific aspect of business in around 10 minutes. No interviews, just pure content that Omar presents and Nicole edits and produces.

And it worked. The show was named one of iTunes Best in 2014 and today it’s going strong, they’re on the 174th episode as of this recording. And importantly: they’re relying on their strengths to provide value and they love what they are doing.



On today’s episode Omar and I discuss how his perspective on failure and his approach to it helped them make the transition from the first podcast to the second, more successful one.

One specific aspect you’ll want to listen in to hear is how they launched the second show. Omar made sure they had coverage in a variety of mediums all aimed at their target audience.

He planned well in advance and had blog posts in several major publications, all of which posted his content the day of the launch. He was also on many podcasts giving away his insights and knowledge in the weeks leading up to and during their podcast’s launch. The planning was timed, effective and thoughtful and gives a great example of how you can do the same for your next product.

We also discuss something he’s very excited about in 2015: Webinar Ninja. Webinar Ninja is their webinar solution they’ve created over the last 14 months. Omar and Nicole began learning about the world of webinars and saw a tremendous need in the marketplace.

Though webinars are very popular, not everyone has success using them. Some people have tremendous success, and others do not. They put out a few products they thought would address the market’s pain points but they saw an even greater need. With a lot of research and interviews under his belt, Omar found out many people are intimidated by webinar technology, some people are put off by the cost of it and often those who do use the technology as a sales platform don’t get the results they were hoping for.

They created Webinar Ninja to address all of this and more. It is intuitive and user-friendly; it helps people prepare for their webinars as though they were giving a live speech in public, Omar says that’s what webinars are: speeches. He also gives us specific ways to prepare for webinars, whether or not we’re using Webinar Ninja.

You’ll have to listen in to hear all the details, tips and tools he gives on this episode. There are plenty! Download the show and then join me in thanking Omar for bringing his A game to the show today! Extra thanks to all of you for being here as well, see you next time on The Solopreneur Hour.

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