190693_10150118714952833_2235182_nSara France is a badass.  There…I said it. The wedding photographer of wedding photographers. Her weddings are featured on Apple Computers in the Apple Store. She’s flown all over the world for huge companies like United Airlines.  She travels around the world and shoots, speaks, and inspires entrepreneurs and photographers from all over the world with photography and Apple Aperture tips & training.  She’s a super tech-nerd, has a fantastic smile, and is a blast to be around.  She’s a queen of delegating and outsourcing, lives an amazing life with her dog Bodie, and completely lives the Solopreneur lifestyle.

In this show, we truly embody the “coffee shop” vibe.  We had a great conversation, and dug into customer service, being thoughtful to your employees and clients, outsourcing and delegating, dealing with tough clients (Bridezilla’s anyone?) a great tradition her grandma started, over delivering, a literal slew of apps and websites (Have you gotten your FREE resources for every solopreneur download yet?), and had a bunch of laughs along the way.

Here’s Sara’s formula for delegating:

A. can I do it myself?
B. should I do it myself?
C. is it more than $50/hr

Getting engaged? Find Sara at https://sarafrance.com

Stuff we chatted about: