JJ CollierJJ Collier is a lot of things: Pro Snowboarder, Top Apparel Designer, Family Man.  He also happens to be my best friend.  Over the years, I’ve grown to understand how important it is for us to be well-presented as Solopreneurs. Opportunities in everyday life open up if you’re well-presented, and you “get it”. As someone who’s made a career out of focusing on the aesthetic side of how we present ourselves, JJ is armed with some amazing tips and tricks when it comes to Men’s fashion.

Don’t worry ladies…your time will come.  In the meantime, use this show as a “shopping guide” if you have always wanted your man to have as much style as you do.

JJ and I talk about a number of things related to men’s style, including where to spend your money in your wardrobe, what kind of jeans to buy, why “fit fit fit” is far more important than anything else, how and why to tailor a shirt, and the 5 essentials in every man’s wardrobe.

It’s a topic I really enjoy, and one that isn’t discussed enough in this space.  So, get yourself a subscription to GQ, and let your credit card do the walking when you get inspired.

As I mentioned in the show…if you are out looking for some shoes or something, tweet them to me @solohour and I’ll give you the “yay” or “nay” on them.

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