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Welcome to a best of The Solopreneur Hour. Today we’re revisiting an interview with Adam Carolla.

Adam is one of the greatest solopreneur examples I can think of in today’s acting and comedy world. Everything he’s done he’s done on his own, from his comedy shows to his podcasts to movies.

We talk about his love of vintage cars, how he made movies because no one was going to cast him as a leading role and his philosophy on success. Listen in to hear what new nuggets you unearth on episode 241.

More About This Show

At first glance, Adam Carolla (spelled C-A-R, not C-O-R) is another funny comedian and broadcaster.  But, dig a little deeper, and you’ll see a complex character wrapped in a brilliant mind.

Beyond having one of the biggest, most successful podcasts in the world, he’s also a world-class boxing instructor, a championship-winning race car driver, and a master carpenter.  His shrewd business-savvy has proven Adam to be one of the most successful modern-age Solopreneurs of our time.  Listen in as we break all the barriers and give you a great template to follow for success.

From working on The Man Show to Crank Yankers to his independent film The Hammer  to his wine line named Mangria, Adam has always had to create his own success.  As an early pioneer to the podcasting space, his show has broken down huge barriers of entry for the rest of us.  In essence…he’s shown us how it’s done!

Listen to hear Adam’s words of wisdom on:

  • The correlation between team sports and entrepreneurial life.
  • When to work for free, and how to make it pay off.
  • The origins of The Man Show.
  • Where his love of vintage cars comes from.
  • How to create your own economy.
  • And much, much more.

On this episode, Adam tells us how’s he been so successful at so many different ventures and we get a look into his philosophy on how to hustle for success.

One of the main reasons he’s created multiple thriving endeavors is his willingness to go for it. He knew early on his career that no one was going to cast him as a leading man in any film, but that’s what he wanted to do. So rather than give up, he found another way to make his goal happen: he wrote a film and cast himself in the lead role, he found founding for the movie and got it made. He took what other people would see as a defeat and he created a victory.

As he says on this show, almost every facet of his career has been created this way. He’s known for a long time that whatever he was going to get from Hollywood he’d have to get his own way. He’s not a yes man, which is what La-La-Land loves. Rather than giving up, he chose to find a workaround.

Think about the parallels to his experiences and to yours as a solopreneur. Where are you facing what seems to be a defeat? And how can you take that apparent failure and tweak it or create a workaround? One of the greatest things Adam has done has been to fail, adjust, fail again and continue to do so until he nails it.

And that’s exactly what we must do as solopreneurs: do something, fail at, get feedback, adjust and refine until it works well. Don’t wait until it’s perfect, even race cars aren’t perfect and they still win! Get out there, do whatever it is you want to do – even if no one believes you can, like no one has believed in Adam – and learn from your experiences. Keep at it until you’re victorious. Then start the process over again.

QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: Where have people told you you wouldn’t succeed and you’ve proven them wrong? Where in your life could you take a risk right now?

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