IMG_1235Welcome to our weekly Q&A edition of The Solopreneur Hour. If you haven’t been here before on Fridays we publish an episode devoted to answering YOUR questions dear listeners! To submit a question join the mailing list, contact me via the Contact page on the site or join our Proudly Unemployable Facebook group.

Today we’re talking about how to get started as a speaker, how to remotely record and publish a great quality-sounding podcast from anywhere in the world using just a few items and my experience flying a helicopter! Yes, it’s true.  I flew an MH-60 under the Coronado bridge in San Diego.  Then I landed in the middle of Petco Park.

Ok…so it was a simulator.  But it was a REAL simulator and it was awesome! Listen in as I share the details of that awesome experience and then answer your most burning questions. All of that and more on the 246th episode of The Solopreneur Hour.


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Q: Miriam Ortiz y Pino CPO®
You talk a lot about creating a fabulous environment to work in. In your opinion, what are some of the key factors for a productive workspace?
And this time, don’t forget to copy my name for the recording 🙂

Have a delightful day!

Q: Broc Atkinson 
Just heard the Nick Unsworth podcast amazing, thank you.
What are your thoughts on LinkedIn and the possibility of making that your niche or just another feather in your cap? Thank you

Q: Mihkel Oja 
Happy Wednesday, Michael!

My question is about financial freedom. What are your daily routines and personal strategies on building wealth? Do you buy stocks, funds? Stocks that pay dividends? Do you own gold? Silver? Do you have a plan A-B-C ready when the economy goes down the toilet big time?

Q: Jeffrey Smith 
Hey Man,

It’s Jeff from Vroom Vroom Veer…thanks again for everything!  Here’s my question:

How can I start/create a speaking career?  I love public speaking, have plenty to say, willing to start for free…how do I get that ball rolling?

Q: Dan Byers: 
Recently you talked about some apps and equipment you received to record a podcast with an iPad or iPhone. Can you revisit that topic as I am almost ready to start my podcast but need to be mobile and I could not remember which podcast it was for the info.

Also are you interested in a private track day at Buttonwillow with a few other early 911 fanatics in September?

Q: Erika Harris: 
Hey michael.

thanks for all you do! 🙂

What are your thoughts about “Pay What You Can” pricing, and/or charles eisenstein’s “Sacred Economics” and “gift economy”?

You inspire,

Q: Tom Hemerka

I look forward to listening to all the shows and admire your ability to connect with guests. T. Harv eker speaks about how the difference between rich people and poor people is that rich people move through fear despite having it. What does your process look like for overcoming fears and obstacles inside and outside of your business?

Q: David Chadwick
Hey Michael,

Always enjoy listening to your Q&A episodes.  You’re known for being a long time Howard Stern fan.  He recently had a rant referring to comedian, Ari Shaffir, and pretty much thrashed podcasting as a career.  He suggested if you want to be a broadcaster and make a living out of it, get a job in radio.  Which led him to say “podcasts are for losers”, because most people are not listening.  Was wondering your thoughts on this?

Q: Jose Quevera: 
Cheers Michael,
I’ve been thinking about starting a video  podcast and i know you’ve mentioned that video takes longer, however, i have a youtube channel with over 180 videos that I’d like to repurpose (
Is the video syndication process the same as with audio podcasts?

Thanks, Jose
P.S. Congrats on sticking with your plan to stay in touch with your email list

Q: Lara Loest
If a movie were made of your life what would the title be and who would star as you? (Look, Squirrel! )

Q: Glenn Phipps 
I would like to add my question please.

I am an Australian based Exercise Physiologist. I originally set up to help people manage chronic disease but have since had some very successful athletes seek out my services, with some television opportunities coming up. I love doing the athletic work, but it seems that the chronic disease management services are more likely to be the bread and butter for now, at least until I learn to capitalise on some of the opportunities that are coming my way.

So my question is-how can I best run a business that is servicing two incredibly different markets?


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