GSU-logo-SqDavid Roth (Episode 8) is Back to talk about branding.  And I mean…REAL branding.  Big boy branding.  David is one of the world’s premier experts on brand and brand positioning.  There’s so much relevant, useable content in this show that I couldn’t take notes fast enough.

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In this show we chatted about David being a “Cereal” and “Serial” entrepreneur, and an “innovation activist” by calling.

“Entrepreneurship is an improvisation, anchored by a knowingness of who you are and what you’re made of.”- David Roth

We talked about Simon Sinek’s amazing TED Talk, “Start with Why”  (Click to view:

David went over the 4 key pieces of branding:

The BRAND Serves as the Outline
The EXPERIENCE Delivers the Results
The CONVERSATION Sustains the Promise
The IDEA STEWARDS are Visible and Vigilant

Branding isn’t about a “logo”…it’s about how your audience feels when they experience your product or service.  And identifying that essence of who you are as a company is a difficult, but incredibly rewarding process.  That’s why people get paid so much to do it.