How To Build Your YouTube Channel

More About How To Build Your YouTube Channel

Amy’s graced us with her presence before, check out her backstory here and her CES visit here. If you don’t know her you should! She’s created an incredible brand with Savvy Sexy Social and has a major following on YouTube. Her background is all things video and she’s been rockin’ that niche for awhile!

On today’s show we’re chatting content strategy, what your goals should be for your videos and some basic rules to follow when creating and marketing your videos.

And if you aren’t a video person never fear this episode is still for you. Take what we share and apply it to your particular platform, this is the type of information that can be applied across the board. I know you’ll find value in Amy’s knowledge.

You’ll also hear:

  • What’s the connection between refrigerators and Periscope?
  • Where I envision The Solopreneur Hour going in the future.
  • How can you find the top searches in Google and YouTube?
  • Should you repurpose your youtube videos as video podcasts?
  • How long should your videos be and what retention rate should you aim for?
  • And so much more!

So the first thing you need to know about creating a YouTube channel is that it’s pretty straightforward. Do you have a Google account? Then you can create a YouTube channel of your own. Go to YouTube, click the sign in button, and go.

If you need advice on equipment you can check out the Resources section on Amy’s web site. She shares exactly what you need to get started and says this: don’t let equipment be your excuse to not start! If you have a smart phone you can make a video right now.

Now when you’re actually creating your video keep in mind who your audience is and what their interests are. Videos on YouTube or other platforms fall under the same umbrella as other content material: it isn’t a pitchfest for you and your products or services. Whatever you’re sharing it should be about your audience. What do they need? What can you offer them right now to solve a pain, discomfort of theirs? THAT is what you need to be creating a video about.

Invariably this leads to the next step: where are you going to share your videos? YouTube is the obvious platform but Facebook also has a video feature. Do you need to be on both? Do you need to be on Twitter, Snapchat and Periscope too?

Amy’s advice: stick to one or maybe two places and knock it out of the park there before moving on to other spaces. Choose your medium (video or otherwise), choose your one or two social media outlets and rule there, then expand. You definitely don’t and shouldn’t be everywhere at once. Think about it: would you rather be exceptional at one or two spaces or mediocre at six? Choose exceptional.

Also on today’s show we also discuss her first content strategy, how she evolved and when she really hit her groove with Savvy Sexy Social. Listen in for some golden nuggets! Then join me in thanking her for being here and thank yourselves for tuning in as well. See you next time on The Solopreneur Hour.

QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: What is your content strategy and does YouTube fit your audience? If it does, what did you discover from Amy on today’s show?

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