book yourself solid solopreneur solopreneur hourMatthew Kimberley, who has been Book Yourself Solid author Michael Port’s right hand man for the last few years, has the best voice in podcasting.  And he doesn’t have a podcast!

An unbelievably engaging and funny public speaker, he brought the house down at Tropical Think Tank 2015.

Episode 274 of The Solopreneur Hour is the poolside chat we had while at the event. Listen in while we discuss Matthew’s history, how he got involved in Book Yourself Solid and some of his best sales tips!

More About Book Yourself Solid

Matthew is the son of a priest, and was shuttled from school to school depending on where his dad was called to service. So when the opportunity to attend boarding school opened up Matthew jumped at the chance to be in a settled location for awhile.

Always the rebellious one Matthew began busking in London as a teenager, juggling and performing in the streets for money. He soon brought a friend along who would ask the crowd for money for Matthew’s performances; with that tactic Matthew brought in more pocket money and his sales career was born.

Although he took various jobs after boarding school, eventually Matthew found his way back to sales and into corporate sales. While in that industry he found Michael Port and joined his mailing list. He promptly ignored Michael’s emails until one day he didn’t! The opportunity to work in Michael’s team was there and Matthew went after it.

In This Episode of The Solopreneur Hour, You’ll Also Hear:

  • Another great lesson the importance of relationships.
  • Why didn’t he go to college after boarding school?
  • Who is the most effective sales person in any organization?
  • What is white space and how does it apply to business?
  • What did his childhood smell like?
  • And so much more!

Matthew enrolled, became a graduate of the Book Yourself Solid school and now certifies other coaches in that same program. He’s the man behind the scenes there and loves what he does. Naturally he’s a gifted speaker himself and he brought the house down at Tropical Think Tank 2015!

On this episode we chat more about his background, his one night with nunchucks, and what his childhood smelled like. You’ll have to tune in for our conversation on all of those topics, but one more we’ll cover here is his sales tips.

Matthew started out in timeshare sales in Malta and then into the corporate sales world. One of his passions is the psychology of sales and he passes along some great tips on this episode! The first thing he shares is why the CEO of any organization is so much better at sales than a salaried staff person. There are several reasons for this, one being the obvious: the CEO is a position of authority and we’re conditioned to listen and respect people in positions of authority.

The other is a little less evident but equally powerful: a CEO has the guts to look at a prospect and say you should buy from me and here are the reasons why. Most other sales people sidestep that direct conversation and instead act like their prospect is doing them a favor simply by listening to them.

If you want to make more sales you have to be aware of how you are positioning yourself and your prospect. Respect your prospect but don’t put them on a pedestal. Don’t undervalue yourself, reframe and reposition yourself as the person in charge and as someone of authority.

Check out today’s episode to hear what else Matthew has to say on this topic, and to hear some fun cameos from previous guests of the show! It’s all on this edition of The Solopreneur Hour. See you next time.

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