Cole Hatter solopreneur solopreneur hourAll of us, solopreneur or not, have heard the phrase: money can’t buy happiness. Is that really true? Our co-host today, Mr. Cole Hatter, has an intriguing perspective on that topic.

He believes money can buy happiness  – IF used in the proper way to take care of you, those you love and your world at large.

On episode 280 of The Solopreneur Hour we dive into that perspective, as well as his upcoming event Thrive and what it really takes to make money matter. Check it out on today’s show.

More About What It Means to Thrive

If you’ve listened to this show before you know we talk about the three pillars to solopreneur freedom: time, financial and location. Today Cole and I spend a lot of time talking about the financial pillar, how to thrive and what to do with that money when you are financially free.

Since he was a wee lad Cole always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. His first career was as a firefighter, but all of that changed when he was involved in a tragic car accident. His next iteration was in real estate and that’s where he really made a splash. He began making loads of money in his early 20s, and he spent it like you might expect a guy in his early 20s to spend it!

When the market crashed and he lost everything, Cole again started over. He was wise enough to learn lessons from each of his previous experiences and apply them to create even greater success the next time around. This time he spent wisely, invested wisely and eventually created financial freedom for him and his family.

In This Episode, You’ll Also Hear:

  • What’s his version of therapy?
  • Why the myth of job security is a dangerous one.
  • Does money buy happiness according to Cole?
  • Can you get rich doing what you love? His intriguing answer.
  • And so much more!

On today’s show Cole shares how he involved his father as a business partner, and what it was like to retire his own dad. He also shares how to find the proper mentor if you’re interested in the real estate market where he made his millions.

One particular gem from the show is Cole’s advice on why following your passion may not be the best idea. He says your greatest interest may not lead to the financial success you’re seeking. His advice? Instead make a list of your top 10 favorite things to do and explore which of them has the greatest potential to give you the lifestyle you desire.

After you’ve done that then take the top item from those 10, and make a business out of it. Doing so will allow you to earn the money you want, while also doing something you enjoy…and you’ll be able to do the rest of that list as a result!

The last segment of the show is about Cole’s event, Thrive. It’s a multi-day event with some of the biggest speakers and teachers on the planet! He currently has Gary Vaynerchuk on tap as well as Tucker Max, Jordan Harbinger, James Altucher, Lewis Howes and many others.

The topic for the event is money: how to make money in various industries (each speaker will talk about their niche), how to KEEP the money you make (what entities to use legally, how to protect you and your money properly) and finally how to make that money you have really matter in the world. The final piece of making your money matter will also touch on how to stand out in a crowded marketplace by branding your business as a for-purpose company.

Cole and I dish out all the details on his event, how creating it took him WAY out of his comfort zone and why 100% of the profits of the event are going to a non-profit. It’s all on this edition of The Solopreneur Hour. See you next time.

QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: What are your top 10 passions, and which is the most viable to build your business from?! Let us know in the comments below!

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