Amy Porterfield solopreneur solopreneur coachingDid you ever wonder what it was like to run a 6-figure online marketing business? Well, you’ll find that out today on this episode of The Solopreneur Hour, with Amy Porterfield.

Amy is known as one of the very first and one of the top Facebook marketing experts in the world. During our interview she shares her pre-solopreneur days and what she learned having worked with one of the greatest personal development gurus ever, Tony Robbins.

When you listen to this episode you’ll hear nugget after nugget after nugget! She gives us the real scoop on what it was like in her early days, and a lot more on episode 289 of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

You may have heard of Amy before today’s show and if you have I guarantee you’ll hear things about her you never knew! She tells us details she’s never shared on any other show, all the while giving away tons of value.

We first discuss her background from her days at Harley-Davidson to her 7 years with Tony Robbins. She says Tony is just like he seems on stage: intense! He lives his mission and that mission is to change lives. She learned so much from working with him, but after 7 years it was time to move on.

During the last year or so she was with his organization she immersed herself in the online marketing world. She knew she wanted to go out on her own and eventually create content and online products for people. Rather than listen to the fears and doubts in her mind, she shared her dreams with people she trusted who encouraged her to go for it.

You’ll also hear:

  • Whether or not Amy has a Harley tattoo.
  • How much Amy studied to learn what she knows now.
  • When Amy became “unemployable”.
  • Where she went for inspiration and training at the beginning of her career.
  • How much she loves (or doesn’t) public speaking.
  • What a day in the life of Amy Porterfield looks like.

But rather than jump feet first into the content creation pool, she started out as a consultant. She did a lot of 1 on 1 work with clients while she honed her social media skills and her taste for online marketing. After about 18 months of client work she fired them all and went full speed into online marketing.

Her first product was a course teaching authors how to market their book online using social media. Although she didn’t have a published book of her own she had worked with several authors including Tony Robbins (obviously), T Harv Eker and Deepak Chopra. So she had authority and knowledge in her area. Her first step was to offer a free webinar and give content away, and she promoted that webinar using social media like Facebook ads, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

For her first webinar 25 people showed up (50 had registered), but things hadn’t gone as planned. She had nowhere to send her attendees to buy her product! Something had gotten lost in translation during her outsourcing and her site wasn’t ready. So she used email marketing to follow up and make sales when it was.

But the point was she took action and went for it, even if things weren’t absolutely perfect. And she made sales! She remembers selling 15-20 courses at just under $200 each so she made a few thousand dollars on her first attempt.

Today that’s the strategy she sticks with: promote a free webinar on social media, deliver the webinar and offer a product for sale at the end. She says she’s a simple girl and wants to stick with what works – and that strategy has been working for her!

Amy also shares what she recommends doing and resources she suggests if you are on launching your product and are on a shoestring budget. She’s got some killer advice on that topic! Plus we get into what she does on a daily basis to set herself up for success, and why she believes in giving yourself some breathing room between products throughout your calendar year. It’s all here on this edition of The Solopreneur Hour!


“Everything is Figureoutable” – Marie Forleo


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