solopreneur solopreneur coachingHey guys and gals! Welcome to episode 291 of The Solopreneur Hour.

This was a great episode we recorded from our bed (Bedcast?) in our accommodations in Portland.  We are here for the World Domination Summit conference for the next few days.

As always, you guys asked great questions, and we knocked ’em down with some solopreneur coaching! Enjoy.

More About Solopreneur Coaching

Niel Reichl
Q: I would really love to join Sololab but have so much fear in terms of adding additional expense. My wife and I have a baby due in 8 weeks which really makes me confused.

Would it be better to just launch on my own and then join sololab after making a little from my online income OR JOIN SOLOLAB before launching and worry how to pay later?

Sean Gilgore
Q: How do you go about execution of a press release for an event?

Heather Gray
I’m starting a new online coaching business and am wondering what the must-have features are for a quality website. You and Dawn Marrs referenced finding quality people who can do a good job for $500. Do you have any recommendations?

Mark R. LePage
Q: I launched a new course and experienced my first five-figure month in June. Many thanks to you and our friends in SoloLab for the kick in the butt to get things moving in the right direction at

Revenue is generated through two courses, a business document package, platform sponsorships and a successful membership site for small firm architects.

My question to you today is what is the best way to keep the momentum going? How do we push through to the next level? Improve the membership site offerings? Keep promoting the latest course? Build another course? Build the brand?

Everything is on the list… But where should I apply my focus next? #DexStrong #ThroatStrong

Brad Brown
Hey Michael, I hope you’re on the mend dude. I am currently doing some work for a large multi national organisation. My business offers a full turnkey podcast solution.We currently create 4 podcasts for them in 4 different areas adding value to their potential customers.

They would now like me to do for them what I currently do for myself and that is build engaged online communities around those podcasts.

Essentially they want to pay me to build lists. How do I start figuring out how to charge? I know what these communities can be worth in the long run but it difficult to charge that up front? Any advice would help! Thanks.

Parvinder Nijjar
Q: How is your cough after the surgery?

Brock Warrener
Q: If you were going to build a mountain biking mecca how would you approach marketing it?

Marcus A. Cylar
Q: I pray all is well with you and Dex. Three (hopefully) short questions:
(1) Purely from a podcasting standpoint, what were your thoughts about Marc Maron’s interview with President Obama?

(2) About how many email sign ups have you gotten since putting up the 8 Steps to Becoming a Solopreneur opt-in magnet?

(3) Let’s say you’re just getting started on this solopreneur path and you have a max of $1000 to spend in the next 12 months on education and live events. What training course would you buy? What event would you attend?
Oh, and are you still doing your push-ups?

Brock Warrener
Q: What is your prefered mtb wheel size? 26 , 27.5, 29? Tell a mtb story from your days in Colorado.

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