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If you haven’t been here before this is how it goes: every Friday I give you a big ole’ dose of solopreneur coaching. You submit your questions on our Proudly Unemployable Facebook group earlier in the week and I answer them on the Friday show.

So sit back, relax and have a listen to episode 294 of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About Solopreneur Coaching Episode 294

On today’s episode a number of you wrote in with questions on everything from my ultimate guest to what I learned at World Domination Summit 2015 to doping on this year’s Tour de France.

Without further adieu, here are all of your questions and their answers.

David Brown 
Q: Love the show. If you could get one ultimate guest on the show, who would it be and why?Let’s start the campaign to get him/her on!
A: Hines Ward, Tony Hawk, Chris Hardwick are all people I’d love to have on the show! But above all others right now I’d love to have John Mayer here.

Brian Lofrumento 
Q: What’s the one action you’re going to take in your business that you picked up from WDS 2015?
P.S. It was awesome meeting you!
A: My favorite messages were from Darren Sivers of CD-Baby. I hope to have him on the show; I loved his message of keeping trying until something works.

Thom Singer 
Q: What was the best business advice you learned at World Domination Summit – and why should others attend that event?
A: If you want to be a forward-thinking person surround yourself with others and Portland is fun! And continuing with Derek’s messaging to answer your first part of your question, be transparent and be available for people.

Steve Zellers 
Q: What are some of your best ideas around prioritizing and finishing things? I have so many plates spinning that sometimes I just stop.
A: It’s not my strong suit but I’ll say if you love what you’re doing enough it’s not going to stop! You’ll keep at it. I also love the idea of swallow the frog: the first thing you do at the beginning of the day is the thing you’re most dreading. Do that and feel good, then move on to the rest of your day.

Travis Royboy Scanlan 
Q: My podcast “Chrome Pipes & Pinstripes” is all about getting stories out of hot rodders, car builders, artists, etc.

Since it launched its been on an aggregated “network” feed and never on its own. So I’ve never had the New And Noteworthy bump. Would you put the show on it’s own feed? My 66th episode comes out today.
A: I’m frankly offended I haven’t been invited to be on the show! Just kidding. To answer your question definitely make your own show with your own RSS feed. Give yourself 6-9 months from there.

Mark R. LePage 
Q: Who was the most inspiring person that you met at WDS (on or off stage)? Why?
A: The most inspiring was Kid President and his dad and his handler Brad. He was a very inspirational dude, very sweet and funny!

Brad Brown 
Q: Is Chris Froome doping?
A: I don’t know. I haven’t watched one stage of this, I clocked out when they took Lance’s titles away. The rest of his accomplishments were swept under the rug and I was bummed out by that.

Robert Bone
Q: I started blogging about a hobby of mine a few months back and started to build a Twitter following, and because of how it has evolved it’s now looking like I’ll be entering the world of podcasting.

The problem is my Twitter username is more geared towards website & blog. Should I change my Twitter name to something more relevant, or start a new account from scratch?
A: I don’t know your Twitter name so I’m not sure. But in general if you have less than 1,000 followers you can start a new account – just make sure it’s easy to read and easy to remember.

Muttaqi Ismail 
Q: Hey Mike, love the show and I love making these whiteboard videos. What steps should I take to turn this into a viable business?
A: I’d say do spec videos like you did for me. Create a video using someone else’s voice and showing them how to take their existing content and make it into a whiteboard video. You could also do that with current events or a popular TV show.

Jonny Keeley 
Q: You have a killer Porsche and a Mini. What is going to be your next car purchase?
A: I’m doing a major upgrade to the Porsche, it’s getting a new engine.

I don’t love the Mini to be honest. It’s fun to drive but I’ve had to fix a lot of things on it so I’m looking at an E46 M3, a BMW M3 or a BMW 335i. These are all around $12k. I’m considering a Mazda Speed3 hatchback with a ton of power!

Niel Reichl 
Q: You have been given one of our listeners access to social media marketing ninja tactics and find this super super generous of you. Plus you have given us listeners so much value on what a podcast should sound like. 🙂

In return for all your kindness, once you come over to the Philippines again, I would love to have you over our humble abode and show you the city and have a genuine Filipino experience – 3 free nights in the Philippines!
A: I’d love that! I don’t know if I’ll go next year but I’d love to take you up on your offer, thank you.

JJ Mayo 
Q: Hey Michael, Love the show– it’s refreshing and definitely stands out from the clutter.

I know you are a fitness enthusiast so I wanted to get your opinion on my niche. I started a blog about 6 months ago  at where I focus on sports nutrition for the endurance athlete. Is this too broad?Should I focus on a specific sport like the marathon or Ironman triathlon, etc?

FYI, my list is small and I haven’t developed my first product yet so it would be easy to shift gears. Any tips, resources, or contacts with others in this space would be great! Thanks.
A: Fuel for Endurance is a great brand, I like it. I’d like to work on your logo, maybe try 99 Designs. You need a cool and clever logo. You can hashtag logodesign on Instagram and you can look for someone to hire on there.

I like the blog, you’re doing good work. This might be a good time for a podcast if you’re into that thing! Or you could double down on Instagram. Decide where you are going and then pick your medium, have an end game in mind and then work backward from there.

And join SoloLab, that would be a great place to help you bring your idea to fruition.

Robert Bone
Q: Any plans for the big 300 in a couple of weeks? How will you top the epic SH200?
A: I have no idea! It might be one of those things when I pop some champagne and talk with you guys. Thanks for asking.

Brian D. Hawkins 
Q: Which major company do you believe has nailed branding better than all of the others -AND – what blogger/podcaster do you think has the best handle on branding today?
A: I love Dollar Shave Club, Uber – both have done great jobs with their brand. Once it becomes an adjective you know the company has arrived!

As far as bloggers or podcasters I’d say I’m one of them. Pat does a great job, and John and Nick too. Chris Ducker too, he gets it. The Art of Charm kills it and have pulled it all together, as does Adam Carolla.

I also recommend The Moment podcast, I’ve started listening to it and I also love Off Camera with Sam Jones.

Q: How would you cold call sponsors for a podcast? I have 20,000 downloads to date and it’s laser-niched.
A: The bad news is you need about 1,800 a day before most sponsors will have a conversation with you. My litmus test is 2,000 downloads a day, that gives you clout. I’d like to see you grow 10% per month and if you’re not you’ve got to retool. You may have to retarget, do more marketing, get better content, etc.

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