Q&A solopreneur Drew Avery solopreneur coachingSolopreneurs have we got a treat for you today! Fitness guru Drew Avery is in Studio 86,

If you haven’t been here before this is how it goes: you submit your questions on our Proudly Unemployable Facebook group or in SoloLab earlier in the week and I answer them on the Friday show.

And every now and again I have a wonderful co-host to join in on our weekly solopreneur coaching session, and today’s guest is the none other than Drew Avery.

Find Drew’s previous visit here and then have a listen to episode 297 of The Solopreneur Hour!

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On today’s Q&A show Drew and I answered a bunch of fitness, health, and business questions all from you dear listener. We’ve got everything from the best protein powder to how to utilize whiteboard videos on this episode so let’s get to ’em!

Q: How many people do you currently have in your mastermind group Sololab? How do you mange that number of people and what is the approximate annual turnover of people through the group?

A: Right now we have around 60. My current cap is around 70, 80 was too much! Most people stay in for 3 quarters or so on average.

JJ Mayo 
Q: Thanks for answering my question on the show. Very cool! I’m a college professor looking to move out of higher ed. It’s going downhill fast IMHO. I want to take some of my university sports nutrition courses online.

As you know nutrition is not that much different between sports. Thats why I was asking if Fuel for Endurance was too broad. I could create online courses that have the same information with different covers.

There are a ton of training plans out there but few if any nutrition programs for endurance athletes. Will definitely look to upscale my logo and check out SoloLab. Thanks again for time!

A: The marketplace is ready for something unique for endurance athletes, there’s not much out there to support that sport. Consider creating something to help joint and muscle breakdown for aging endurance athletes – that would be a great benefit.

Dave Mac Arthur 
Q: I want to know EXACTLY what to do to look like that at 50!  #detailsbob

A: Set up your system, get to where you know what you’re eating and prepare yourself. In the morning Drew eats oatmeal with flax seed, 1/2 cup of nuts, protein powder of some sort, frozen fruit and almond milk. Great protein and great carbs – that’s it. For lunch is chicken breast on a salad. Simply it’s some form of protein with vegetables, ideally organic chicken and some form of vegetables. That’s a basic winning strategy.

Workouts are upper body and lower body workouts, focus on big muscle groups and pay attention to joints (push-ups versus curls). If you want a great muscle burn with muscle mass do your exercises slower. Take a day off in between; Drew works out 4 times a week.

Ellen Reaves 
Q: What’s the best protein powder if you want to lose weight?

A: There’s no one product that’s the holy grail but if you had to pick one go with whey protein.

Thom Singer 
Q: Did you do any meaningful follow up after WD conference – we all know the follow up after an event is key — but most get busy and don’t take actions. What did you do?

A: My goal was to connect with a few interesting guests and I have done that. I have one scheduled, working on another and waiting to hear back from a third.

Sean Gilgore 
Q: Divorce and being a solo entrepreneur. How does your creative content become divided when you get divorced?

A: No hard and fast rule, I’m sorry if you are going through that. I hope you can make it an elegant divorce and consciously separate.

Anthony A J Joiner 
Q: Hey Michael. I’m creating a webinar course to teach people how to sell using webinars. It includes FB ad training, Twitter ad training, (to help them fill their webinars) how to structure the webinar for the sale, autoresponders and a whole host of other things.

I’ve listened to speakers talk about how they ‘sold’ products prior to creating them. Would you suggest this approach?

I wanted to brand the name “WebiNarVana” (portmanteau of Webinar+Nirvana) and create the website, build authority and such, but I have buyers sorta on standby. Thanks for all that you do my man. #dexstrong #sololabrocks

A: If you have buyers then go for it! If you have a number in mind (say 10 sales) then sell it to your group and offer them the early bird option. You’ll see if you have proof of concept that way. Or just execute what you’re going to teach them in real time.

Karen Lock Kolp 
I wanted to shout out to Muttaqi (pronounced moo-tah-key), who made you that awesome whiteboard video of the three freedoms last week.

He asked a question for last week’s Q&A, and because of his question and your answer, I reached out to him over the weekend to find out if I might be able to incorporate some of his whiteboard video art into my podcast. Within five days he had listened to several episodes of my podcast and made a great sample whiteboard video of one of them!

My question is this: what would be the best way for me to incorporate Muttaqi’s whiteboard videos into my podcast/website?

A: Use every whiteboard video with every set of show notes. Have a whiteboard explaining the concept behind the brand and the podcast…and then share in Facebook parenting groups.

Q: Thank you for the value you share with all of us. 
Thoughts on trial periods and credit card capture for subscription based sites?

We currently run a 10-day trial with card and auto pay for our online yoga site. We’re wondering if might see better conversion rates on visitors to trials if we shift to 30 days free and no card required, for example.

A: I don’t have a ton of experience in this world. I’m curious why you think you have to give it away – do you feel like you have to give it away as a trial? The way you frame it may make a difference in the conversion. It’s worth polling your audience to ask if it resonates with me.

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