solopreneur solopreneur coaching airbnb kenyon salo the bucket list lifeOne of the greatest advantages to being a solopreneur is our ability to earn money in any number of ways. If we can dream it up and build it, we can make money at it. A great example of this is none other than Kenyon Salo, Checklist Destroyer at The Bucket List Life.

Kenyon joined us previously for episode 160 and shared his background, and that leaves us wide open to talk about for today’s show! We chat about his thriving income from Airbnb and how his brand The Bucket List Life helps his network marketing business. Check it out on episode 299 of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About Earning With Airbnb

As the leader of The Bucket List Life he helps people fulfill items on their bucket list. He’s also active in extreme sports like skydiving, BASE jumping and rock climbing. All of those activities take him around the globe so he came up with the brilliant idea to rent out his home while he was away.

Like any great solopreneur he learned through trial and error about what it would take to make his place a premium rental…and he’s turned that knowledge into 5 figures a month with Airbnb.

He’s done so by paying attention to the details: having his home clean, with fully stocked amenities and little touches like instructions on how to use different appliances, etc. He also leaves a bottle of wine for every visit along with a hand-written welcome note and two glasses to share that bottle. He’s found taking the time to do those extra gestures earns him rave reviews on the site, and the ability to charge a premium price for his home.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • Has Kenyon ever worked in Corporate America?
  • The power of community and the role it’s played in his success.
  • How should you price your rental on Airbnb?
  • What skydiving record would he like to break?
  • How did Kenyon get into extreme sports?
  • And much more.

One of the benefits to renting on Airbnb is the ability to determine when he’ll rent, to whom he’ll rent and when he wants to be at home. He’ll make his home unavailable for a few months in the winter, and then rent it out during the summer for extended periods of time.

Doing so gives him the added incentive to take road trips and make travel plans – he has to leave because someone else is coming to his place! When he visited us for today’s show he was on an extended road trip through California, and people were renting his home back in Boulder, Colorado.

And if you think you have to live in a destination location like Boulder or San Diego think again. People are coming to your town for reasons you can’t even think of: they may have a work conference, a family wedding, or any other number of possibilities.

When asked if he worries about bad things happening he says he makes his deposits high – you have control over your deposit, cleaning fees, and how much you’ll charge for a night with Airbnb – and trusts his instincts. He doesn’t have to rent to someone just because they are interested. Plus Airbnb has insurance, and so should you.

We also spend time talking about how building a community with The Bucket List Life has supported his network marketing business, and he graciously answers your questions live on air. Thanks for listening in and we’ll see you next time on The Solopreneur Hour.

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