joannaToday’s episode is with the lovely and talented Joanna Kinsman of Kinsman Swim. She started as a cross-country ski racer in Maine, but always had a penchant for fashion.

We chat live in Studio 86 about her journey from the slopes to the beaches of socal outfitting ladies with custom bespoke Brazilian bikinis.

This is a great conversation about taking risks, starting small, and persisting until you find the product that the market wants. Check it out on episode 302 of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About Joanna Kinsman

From the age of 2.5 Joanna has been an athlete. Her parents introduced her to cross-country sking at that tender age and it shaped who she has become. Learning to practice during brutal winters Maine took determination and fortitude, but she did it.

When it came time to choose a college she went to the University of New Hampshire and continued as a cross-country skier throughout her undergraduate years.

But throughout all of the practices, competitions and training her dream of being a fashion designer never left her. Her mom was a seamstress to a fashion designer and her dad was an entrepreneur so it’s not hard to see where her influences came from!

You’ll Also Hear:

  • What was the first piece she designed?
  • How did she get introduced to internet marketing?
  • When did she have her pieces first featured in a fashion show?
  • Why does she choose to create custom suits?
  • How her accessories line came to fruition.
  • And much more.

But her path to creating Kinsman Swim was a windy one, as is so often the case for solopreneurs. She always knew she wanted to design swimwear, that was her fashion focus. And she started delving deeper into it when she moved to Boston. She became a personal trainer and after about a year and a half she decided to move to San Diego.

Rather than waiting for everything to fall perfectly into place, she took action. She bought a one-way ticket to San Diego, sold her car, found a place to sublet near the ocean and she left Boston behind.

Within a few months of being in town she found a job as an executive assistant, and learned internet marketing in that role.

From there it was a matter of timing and connections. Through another work opportunity she connected with a designer in Boston who offered to feature her swimwear if she could get a few samples together in time. Naturally she went for it!

Rather than letting what she didn’t know hold her back she learned as she went. She didn’t know everything about making high-quality bespoke swimwear, she just knew she wanted to do it and she was willing to take calculated risks to figure out.

And that’s exactly what she did. Today she runs a swimwear business based in San Diego, and makes both custom and stock swimsuit pieces by the sea. She’s also branched out into accessories made from bikini string pieces and has a beautiful line called Kini Bands.

We talk about how she tests her ideas and where Kini Bands in particular came from on today’s episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Where can you take a calculated risk in your business today? Let us know in the comments below!

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