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Brad Brown
Q: Hey Michael O’Neal, what would you say the best way is to teach kids about earning money in this space?

I was brought up that you need to exchange time for money and that is how to make a living.

We all obviously know there is a better way but how do how you teach kids that you need to put in the work initially and you may not get paid up front but if you’re patient and consistent you can create something that could pay you forever?

A: Have them hang out in places they’d want to get into. Are they interested in being a videographer? Approach wedding companies, video companies and offer to help. Figure out how to do it as a service, and then you help them scale it. Read Rich Dad Poor Dad together too!

Thom Singer
Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned in planning your podcasters weekend mastermind with JLD???

A: It’s not as hard or as complicated as you think! It’s way less difficult than I had mentally made it.

Travis Royboy Scanlan
Q: You get to take 10 laps with any pro driver behind the wheel of your Porsche, who do you choose?

A: No brainer I choose Patrick Long because he’s a vintage guy, incredibly talented and a nice person. My second choice is Patrick Dempsey, McDreamy. I’d also split my first choice with Chris Harris.

Ozeal DeBastos
Q: What’s up brother, so I want to experiment with a side hustle idea. I have ample experience in bartending and in the private bartending industry. I’m thinking about creating a course to teach others how to make an extra 1,000-1,500 working in the mobile bartending industry as a side hustle.

Thinking about doing a simple landing page for pre-orders before I start recording videos for the course.

The idea would include a home mixology course, how to become a mobile mixologist, and be an online educational platform for aspiring bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts.

There’s been a big boom in the craft cocktail industry and I’m just trying to blend my passion for bartending, being a mobile bartender as a side hustle and helping others do the same.

What do you think? Anything you would add?

Should I just make it about mobile bartending or do you feel there’s room for me to add another valuable feature like a home cocktail mixology class? Thanks brother and I appreciate your input and help! Much love and respect!

A: You could teach men (especially single men) to what to stock, how to make some of these classic drinks so they can make amazing cocktails. I love the mobile cocktailing idea: what to bring with you, how to market, what to charge, etc. I can see you having YouTube videos! You’re good to go.

Jessica Shaanan
Q: If “anxiety is not knowing what to do next,” what’s a good method to decide what to do next, when you have a giant list to do and to learn (like networking, getting website up, seeing clients, delivering on promises, finding more clients…)?

A: That’s when I love a coach to keep your blinders on until X. It’s overwhelming for most people. Get the right direction and keep at it, then you’re good to go.

If you’re in a service-based business it’s about getting your reps in, so do the service enough times you have it down. Then see the group you’ve served best with the most value, then you’ve got an avatar. Then it’s building a brand around that avatar and marketing to that avatar.

If I’m creating a new company here’s how it goes: first there’s an idea, then the brand, then the web site, then the podcast.

Joel Tetzner
Q: Ok, Periscope and now Facebook direct video seems to be a huge game changer for solopreneurs. What’s your view on the impact of these mediums in generating followers and in making more money?

A: I haven’t dug into this yet but everyone says to get on Periscope. I’ll jump on the bandwagon and Periscope recordings. The bottom line it is right now it’s the hot hand.

James David Harper
Q: Do you have any experience working with clients that might live abroad or are in another country? And if so, what are some of the hurdles and challenges? Thanks.

A: Not that much in my experience. If you’re in a service-based business you’re on Skype. Time difference is the biggest challenge or hurdle. So detailed emails and Skype!

Travis Royboy Scanlan
Q: I believe I’ve heard you say you have some automated bank accounts that automatically split up each incoming dollar into separate accounts. (If that’s not you, sorry!) What is the breakdown on those percentages? Savings, retirement, etc?

A: So that’s what I want. Check out Ramit Sethi and Tim Ferriss’ blog post called The Psychology of Automation: Building a Bulletproof Personal Financial System. For every dollar that comes in it gets split up: 5% into a Roth IRA, and 95% to you. Of that 95% you break it up as you want (X to bills, X to savings, X to taxes, etc).

Ricardo Miranda
Q: Hi Michael O’Neal I truly enjoy your show. I have a question: I’m launching my new podcast show. Michael what social media platform would be the fastest to build my list and to market my new podcast show? I want to attract people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s inspiring entrepreneurs. Thank you.

A: Periscope and Instagram will help you grow relatively quickly. If you get on New & Noteworthy, staying on there as #1 in your category is very difficult but will give you a lot of leverage. You have to be patient, you’ll need to give it a year for real audience growth.

Have a good web site, a good giveaway and grow your email list so you can market to them.

Q: Knowing everything you know now about podcasting and building a brand what would you do differently if you had to start over today?

A: I wouldn’t change a thing. I had a great launch, the timing was good, the brand was great and I had the right guests. I’d put more emphasis on building my mailing list, but that’s about it.

Q: I do so much (maybe a result of my lovely ADHD) and am not sure if I should start ANOTHER website for JUST my children’s book (and future books)?
I have my podcast website at, for my photography, and for another new podcast, and (umbrella of all).

The last one with my name has info about ALL my sites.

I’m wondering where my books belong? Right now it’s a page as a part of the Generosity Philosophy “brand” but unsure if I should branch out into a new site for JUST books.

The first book is the first of a series of MANY books. 🙂 Hope my question makes sense? Thanks for all you do Michael!

A: Is there anything you can find a common thread among all of those? If you go to Jonathan Fields’ site he has books, podcasts, etc. Why not make you the brand at this point? Have a specific URL that you could read for the books but that feeds them into your site.

Q: Knowing what you know now….If you were to choose one distribution channel that would contribute to building a customer base, a list and revenue, what would that be and why?

A: It’s Instagram. I’d take Daniel Di Piazza’s advice and build my audience based on how he recommends doing it. Look at Rich 20 Something on Instagram.

Q: My question is: when do I get to be on your show again? Kidding.

A: Any time you want Andrea! Reach out and come back on the show.

Q: Michael, you said last year that you’d like to get all of the Sexy Six authors on the podcast in 2015. Where does it stand? I really dig the books, I enjoyed Michael Gerber, and I’d like to hear the rest!

A: I would too! I think I could get everybody now…I haven’t tried to reach out and do that so I should reach out and do that for that purpose. Thank you for the reminder!

Q: You seem to record the podcast at night. When I do things at night my mind gets too hyped up and I can’t sleep. Do you face that issue and, if so, what do you do to relax before bed?

A: No I don’t face that issue at all. The minute I decide to go to sleep I fall asleep! But I do wake up at 4:30 or 5am and am exhausted so I listen to Pandora comedy to fall back asleep for a few hours. Find something that’s peaceful and calming for you like reading or listening to relaxing music.

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