solopreneur P.J. Dixon solopreneur coachSolopreneurs face many hurdles, and sometimes those hurdles are physical. If you saw today’s guest before you spoke with him you probably wouldn’t guess he’s a downhill skier, skydiver, painter, 10th degree black belt and a sailor (among many other things).

Why wouldn’t you guess that about him? Because he’s in a wheelchair.

Born with Muscular Dystrophy, P.J. Dixon has defied the odds to not only live 35+ years beyond his life expectancy, but to live those years to their fullest. Listen in to hear his amazing story on episode 313 of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About P.J. Dixon

Not only was PJ Dixon born with Muscular Dystrophy he was born with a rare form of it, and became the poster child (literally) for the disease in his childhood. He was so gregarious and engaging as a child that the Muscular Dystrophy Association put him on posters in his town, then his state and then across the nation. In no time he was speaking to audiences of 600 people or more regularly.

But it wasn’t all bright lights, big stages and laughter. Muscular Dystrophy is a progressive disease and P.J. continued to lose capabilities as he grew older. He suffered from depression periodically, and had to learn to love himself through it all. His mom had always taught him he could do whatever he set his mind to, regardless of his disability, and he embraced even the most painful moments.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • What’s his version of Mecca?
  • How P.J. was featured on Japanese television.
  • P.J. teaches and trains in a form of martial arts: true or false?
  •  At what age did he start speaking on stage?
  • What is his mission in life?
  • And much more.

One of his biggest breakthroughs came as the result of an accident. P.J. has used a manual wheelchair since college and one day he was crossing a busy intersection. He made sure he was safe from oncoming traffic, but a large SUV took off unexpectedly and collided with him.

The car stopped mere inches before crushing his pelvis, which surely would’ve killed him. Through rehabilitation over the next four months P.J. began to understand his true calling: to love himself first, and let that love spill over to everyone he came in contact with. Today P.J. is the ultimate love guru: he helps women find the man of their dreams and get engaged in one year.

In this episode we also talk about what men and women each can do to help prepare themselves for their ideal relationship and why loving ourselves is such a critical piece of success.

When it comes to preparing ourselves for our perfect partner or creating the ideal environment for our relationship, men and women can do different things.

For men P.J. says it’s invaluable for them to know who they are as men. To be confident, to be masculine and to know how far they are willing to go to protect those they love. To be confident and masculine as a man you don’t have to be arrogant or cocky, just know who you are and be confident in that knowledge. Women will be attracted to that, and even more so if you can be spontaneous and make them laugh!

Women can be that safe space for a man to talk about his feelings – no judgment and no interruptions. To create that environment for him women can take him on a walk or play catch with him or go for a drive. Do something side by side, men don’t communicate face to face unless it’s for sex or fighting! And when a woman can be that safe harbor for a man to talk about his feelings and to be vulnerable with her she becomes someone he wants around forever.

P.J.’s got plenty more words of wisdom on episode 313 on the all-important subject of love, as well as how we can stay positive in the face of any obstacle. Tune in for all of that and more on episode 313 of The Solopreneur Hour.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What has P.J. inspired you to do after hearing his story? Let us know in the comments below!

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