solopreneur solopreneur coach PorscheHi all you awesome Unemployables! Great to have you back here.

Today’s episode, replete with your questions from Instagram and Facebook, is hot off the presses and ready for your earballs.

We talked Porsche, network marketing, eyelashes, and much more.  Every week I ask for your questions, and you never fail to deliver! Thanks for that and for being here.

So let’s get to it so you can enjoy episode 318 of The Solopreneur Hour!

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Q: A lot of people talk about the “how” to be an entrepreneur. My question is, what does being an entrepreneur actually mean? Is it just being self-employed? Is it being your own boss? Is it not working the 9-5? Love to hear your thoughts. Thanks man.

A: In the grandest scheme of things it’s a mindset. It’s the ability to see a problem in the world and solve it – for money. It’s about not worrying the how of what you do – just doing it.

Q: I’m growing a lash and beauty business, and helping others with their online marketing, and training in my brow craft.

My question is how do I pull it all together to leverage my time to help others, serve my local clients and train? Should I do workshops, seminars, online courses? I’ve written several beauty marketing guides, and have sold a couple but I know my followers need marketing and business help…how can I solve this when it’s only moi? Thank you.

A: Go back to episode 111 with Danielle Rae, she has a very successful lash business. Reach out to Danielle, find her on Instagram or Garnet Lash Academy to find out how she has been so successful.

Q: What is Isagenix and how are people making so much money from it?
A: It is a health and wellness company that provides – in my opinion – the highest quality supplements, shakes and other products on the market today. The products will help you feel better, perform better and have more energy.

To answer the second part of your question I did their 30 day program, I took before and after pictures and shared them on social media. Naturally people wanted it when they saw I lost 13 pounds in 11 days. When they signed up I got paid for it. It’s a referral system, when people you know sign up you get paid.

Q: How do I grow my followers?
A: This is for anyone who wants to grow their Instagram followers check out on Instagram. He has a killer training course.

Q: How do you come up with questions for your show? I like your question “What did your childhood smell like?” Any suggestions for creating similar questions that engage both the left and right brain?

Mateo Echabarne
Q: Tell us about your 911! I’m a car guy without a car, or a budget, so I have to live vicariously through you! What are you doing to it? I need all the little details!
A: I got into racing in 2003, won a championship with my 89 Honda Civic xi. I sold it right away because I knew I had done with it all I could. Next I bought a 1972 Porsche 911, they were affordable back then! I didn’t get it inspected, and when I drove it back from New York where I bought it, it died in the middle of Nebraska. I replaced the engine but soon realized I had made a bad purchase.

My buddy told me about a car rotting away in a field that he suggested I buy and put my new engine in. I bought it for $5k, it was 1969 911T. It was a much better car even though it was a rustbucket!

I spent the next few years and 4,000 hours refinishing this car. Along the way my parents would pass away. Mixed into the coat of the first primer of my 911 is my parents ashes. I wanted them to surround me with love so my car carries them with me all the time! Here’s a link to the thread that details every step of my rebuild.

Niel Reichl
Q: Hi Michael! My question is, when would it be best to ask around for podcast sponsorship? I am now at 18,000 downloads in 35 days. My niche is all about the Philippines.
A: When you’re getting about 7,000 downloads per episode in 6 weeks, this is what sponsors say. You can reach out when you’ve got around 2,000 downloads per show, in my opinion. Because you’re in a specific niche I’d suggest creating a product for your audience, after you’ve been creating content for 4-6 months you can think about monetizing. And ask your audience how you can help them!

Q: I’ve seen a rise in the health market network marketing ads popping up in my Facebook feed from my friends. The link goes to a product page – would it be better long-term to set up their own landing page to promote their personal brand with links to current product or even affiliate links? Could this be a business?
A: Unequivocally yes. Drive people to a long form landing page, or a lead pages page with a cool video on it. You can absolutely create a business from this – that’s a killer idea. Create great landing pages for network marketers.

Here’s the rub: it also puts the onus on you to create the brand that the person needs to grow their business. That’s a far heavier piece of lifting then just creating a landing page. To really get conversions there needs to be some brand that people can use as a wrap around for their network marketing company.

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