One big part of our Q&A is about this beauty: the Porsche Carrera RS 07.33 good questions sent in by ONE listener in a 2-part series, right into your earballs.  This dude sent in 33 good questions because he was “catching up” from previous Q&A shows he’d missed!

So, I decided to answer all of them, spanning two episodes.  Here are the first 16:

The first 16 questions in our Q&A:

1) How often should a brand refresh it’s style and image?
A: Good question. I don’t know if there’s a timeline, sometimes things just get dated. Take Google for example, they were 15 years in before they did their first brand refresh. So some of it depends on culture. Base it on your industry: tech needs to be more often, mom & pop shops less so. My latest venture,, is another great lesson in branding and I share its history on this episode.

2) How important is it for a brand to inform its customers and market if its own values change over time (a solo brand for a 20 year old may change by the time they are 55+ years old)?
A: I don’t think a brand will change that must, it shouldn’t. A brand is the feeling you leave your customers with.

3) Why should I bother with Periscope to brand a business?
A: I don’t think you would brand a business with it, but it’s very hot for growing your business.

4) Is “the Twitter” dead or dying in regards to engagement?
A: Not if you’re a celebrity or a Twitter power user. It’s still the #1 way most very successful people communicate with the outside world. So you still want to be there so you don’t miss anything. You’ve got to grow by engagement.

5) Where is everyone on Google+ (outside the USA)?
A: No one’s on it. Well not no one but I think there are some who use it. It’s good for your rankings on Google, it gives you some juice on there.

6) Are Google hangouts still relevant?
A: I think so. We use it for our Thursday SoloLab hangouts (SoloLab is my group mastermind, every Thursday you join us and get any of your questions answered).

7) I was born in England, can I use this as an excuse to wear socks with sandals to my wife?
A: No you cannot. Not ever.

8) What podcasts do you listen to?
A: On my podcast app I listen to Adam Carolla, Bill Burr, The Nerdist, Joe Rogan (those last two are guest-dependent), Off Camera with Sam Jones (that’s my #1: easily the most insightful and deep conversations), The Tim Ferriss Show from time to time, Bill Maher’s Real Time, HT Guys, So Money with Farnoosh Torabi, Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin (my second favorite of interview podcasts), Doug Loves Movies, Smart Passive Income, The Art of Charm, Around the NFL podcast, Dave Dameshek, CarCast with Adam Carolla, The Terrible Podcast, Come to Papa.

9) How does a solopreneur break into a foreign language market?
A: You could teach a foreign language. Like my friend Gabby’s business on YouTube is Go Natural English. Or you could have your thing translated into any language you want, it’s not impossible to break into other language markets.

10) What 5 things would you do different in your business over the past 12 months?
A: I would’ve done a few webinars. I got really tripped up with my Life After 8 Weeks course, it wasn’t done in a way that was sustainable so it needs to be redone and I just haven’t. I’d focus a little harder on my mailing list and would email you guys a little more. I should have someone doing that for me, someone to handle my funnels and emails, etc.

11) Do you bother with A/B testing?
A: Yeah I do. A/B testing is when you have two nearly identical things and you put them out there to see which gets more click throughs. I do it with headlines, headlines of shows; I tweak stuff all the time.

12) How is Instagram doing for your business?
A: My Instagram is growing like a weed. I’m not using it for business yet, I’m growing it. Once it gets to 10k followers I’ll think about monetizing it. A few ways you can get paid: you can post for people and they’ll pay you for it. Also advertisers are on their way. And then you can add people to your funnel. Check out Foundr right now. Wherever you are building a platform remember you have to build before you monetize – focus on building first.

13) Would you ever consider a solopreneur global academy brand (ie qualifications in India, Asia, Oz, Russia, Europe, etc)?
A: I don’t know what that is. I don’t know if having to qualify to be a solopreneur takes away what being a solopreneur is. So you’ve got to get the mindset and then take the right steps and get into action.

14) When is it ever OK to tuck your T-shirt into your shorts or trousers?
A: It is sometimes ok, but rarely. James Dean’s white tee, jeans, sports jacket, good shoes and a good watch on. Then you could pull it off. Perhaps also if you want to look a little Euro, but that’s it. Watch old James Bond and Mad Men episodes – when they do it you can do it.

15) How do you face your fears?
A: Mentally, for me fear of death is different than talking to a girl or speaking on a stage but I won’t jump out of a plane. Why would I want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? But in general the more you learn about your fear the easier it is to face it.

16) What type of music is it hardest for you to play the drums to?
A: I don’t play any metal, so that would be the hardest! I started out playing jazz, I went to school for it but haven’t played in ages so that would be hard for me. Or anything where there is a solo invovled because I’m not a solo guy.

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