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David Ralph
Q: Had a great discussion with a lady on episode 450 of Join Up Dots (shameless plug there), where we talked about that internal dialogue we all go through when we think that something is going to take a fixed time in our heads to achieve, and then we get to that point and find that we are nowhere near the ETA.

Do you have the same misplaced judgement of how long things will take Michael O’Neal? And how do you get past that feeling of disappointment if you do?

A: My engine rebuild is a great example of this. I thought it would take 8 and we’d be done. We’re now 40 hours in! That happens a lot in our solopreneur world. I think the way you set yourself is to know stuff’s going to happen and rarely do things go perfectly according to your plan.

Heather Gray
Q: Sorry to know, Michael, that you’re having a tough week. I am blown away by your authenticity Wednesday morning in your update. Many podcasters talk to us about being grateful that we listen. You really demonstrated the relationship you have with your listeners and your respect for it. Please know that we return it to you in spades.

A: Thanks Heather. It was the first time I was just not up for recording, I wasn’t in the head space to deliver entertaining content or value.

I take this show seriously and I’m incredibly grateful for all of you who listen, and I like to take you along for the ride. Sometimes that ride is a great new idea like Rennch. And sometimes it is real life like that day when I needed to be alone, and to be with my dog Dexter. He’s been with me through everything you know about my story.

He came to me 2 days before my dad died and his birthday is the same date my mom died; he’s an incredibly important part of my life so I needed to be alone with him on Wednesday. I’m glad you all are here with me. Thanks for your message Heather, it is very much appreciated.

Jonny Keeley
Q: Hey man. Question about Instagram. Being a hot platform right now, how can we effectively use it to help grow our business? Thanks man.

A: A couple things: commit to posting daily on a consistent basis. Second you have to dial in your hashtags. Post to Instagram first with a nice call to action within the post itself, and then the first comment is your hashtags. Third go to the app Kick or Group.me there are groups of people who will do a S for S or a share for share. They’ll allow you to share their info on your Instagram account, and they’ll share yours.

Brad Brown
Q: Hey Michael, hope you’re well. You’ve been talking the last while about creating a side hustle in a different niche to The SH.

How do you decide how much time to spend on the new project compared to your main hustle? I’m working on a passion project on the side (www.thekonaedge.com) and I find that it is distracting me big time from my main business.

A: Kona Edge is a beautiful site, wow! However I have to disagree with you; this is my main focus, I don’t think this is a side hustle. It happens that this is my journal: I document my journey and other people’s journey, if anything I’m finding lessons and passing them along.

But if you find your side gig is incongruent with your main hustle maybe your main hustle isn’t the right hustle, that’s what I’d say about that.

In terms of time once your main focus is locked in and on cruise control, then you can start exploring other things.

Adam Shipley
Q: I’ve been a professional strength and conditioning coach and nutritional researcher for almost 14 years. But with a background in analytical research I was recently approached to (basically) look at algorithms and other factors used in prediction models for investment portfolios, commodities, etc. (mainly looking at the computers that are responsible for handling the majority of trades done on exchanges)

This has now become far more lucrative financially then sports training and what my facility brings in but I enjoy training so I continue to do both. I also have 5 small children, which means I have to meet A LOT of parents.

The question is most people have a very hard time understanding I do two completely different professions with I would say, some definitive skill. I’m looking for advice on how to deal with meeting people in these outside settings.

Also, have you had the opportunity to drive or run with either the Lotus 7 Caterhams or the Cobra replicas? Random I know but I’m looking at both and people generally don’t let you test drive and compare. I’m looking to make an excuse to come and meet you

A: The Lotus is a better Autocross car, the Cobra gets you more thumbs up from garage guys or girls with neck tattoos. To your main question: people won’t understand what you do and people will lose track of zeros. People can’t fathom what it is that you do because they haven’t read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and they don’t get it.

All you have to do is to shape it as saying you’re a solopreneur. When they ask what that is say you have a number of business initiatives, some are passions, some are in physical fitness training and some are computers. They are both things I love and they give me time freedom, financial freedom and location freedom.

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