Episode 322 of The Solopreneur Hour is a Q&A from inside my vintage Porsche.Hi all and welcome to episode 323 of The Solopreneur Hour. It’s time for the much anticipated conclusion to the “Mega Q&A” show.  For part 1, click here.

Today we cover a lot of bases in this one, including every question you see below. Plus I share about my latest current solopreneur adventure, Rennch. Enjoy, and thanks for sharing the show with a friend!

More About Mega Q&A

17.) What are the top 5 dog owner tips you can share?
A: 1. Get pet insurance! I didn’t do that and now since May have spent no less than $15,000 on Dexter’s care treatment. I don’t regret spending that on him for a minute, but I do regret not getting that insurance!
2. Combine your exercise with your dog’s. Every time I hit the ball or throw the frisbee for Dexter to go after it, I do 7-10 push ups while he runs after it. Or I’ll do a plank pose while he chases it.
3. I promote autonomy, I think dogs will learn if you allow them the opportunity to do so. Dogs will figure it out.
4. If you can go with a grain-free diet if possible. I can’t say his condition was caused by his food but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.
5. Don’t take your dog for granted. Dogs are only capable of pure, unconditional love.
18.) How is Dexter?
A: Dexter is not great. I was nervous he wasn’t going to make it through last night, his breath was shallow and he had no energy. I was worried I was going to lose him, this whole thing has been awful.
We got him to the vet today and his lymph nodes are normal (he has lymphoma). He also has a tumor in his chest that is very aggressive. The vet said his latest round of chemo may have been making him feel like he had the flu, and then gave us antibiotics for him. He started feeling better soon after and I’m hoping he continues to rebound.
19.) When should a solopreneur say “enough already” and get a 9-5 or leave their 9-5 for a solopreneur life?
A: The latter half is when you don’t have a choice or your side hustle is paying your bills. The other way around, it depends on the business. If it’s a podcast and it hasn’t latched on within 3 or 4 months then you need to reframe it, if you want to use it as a platform. But if it’s a blog that can take up to a year! And if you don’t care about making money at it then just keep doing it.
20.) How do you ensure you do not work IN the business but ON the business?
A: For a period of time you have to work in the business but once you’ve done that you can move to working on the business.Here’s an example you can follow to help you work on it and in your business: James Schramko says to buy a pack of sticky notes. On each note write a task you do to make your business run. Then bundle those tasks in logical bundles. Now you have batches of tasks you can outsource to someone and you can tell them exactly what to do and how.
21.) I get the impression that business for you is as much about people as it is about profit. Should this be the case for every business?
A: I’m not super financially motivated. Sponsors for the show and people joining SoloLab are the two ways I make money with this, and I’m so grateful for all of you who listen and make it possible, and to all of my SoloLab members. I really love my coaching calls I do and putting out these shows brings me so much joy.To answer your question I say people come first!
22.) I stopped doing Google ads for a few months and now rely more on direct google search links and social media. My website has improved the bounce rate but what should I do to improve conversion. I am considering a free “ebook” or pdf etc but is this still relevant in today’s video rich demanding environment?
A: For sure I would absolutely do a PDF or a resource guide. Give something for the audio people, the video people and the kinesthetic people. I suggest Lead Digits made by LeadPages to help with conversions. Always experiment! Ask your list how they like to learn and what their biggest struggles are.
23.) How should a solopreneur behave differently in B2B and B2C markets?
A: As a solopreneur working in B2B maybe you want to look bigger than you are, create a team and use “we” a lot when talking about your company.
24.) What is the toughest market you have ever sold into?
A: I don’t suppose I’ve sold into a lot of markets. Maybe the network marketing industry? They aren’t used to spending money on training, you get lots of training that comes with their membership to the company. So they aren’t used to spending the cash.
25.) How do you use LinkedIn and is it such a great tool for B2B?
A: Second answer: yes. It’s great for B2B, I have an account but I only post stuff to it from Buffer. It’s not really my world, I’m not reaching out to business people.
26.) What are the best top 5 plug ins you use for WordPress?
A: 1. S2 Member: it’s a membership site that integrates well with PayPal, OptimizePress, all your email accounts.
2. I like SEO Yoast; I use it for SEO and it tells you what you need for good search engine ranking based on a keyword you choose.
3. Akismet for spam blocking in your comments. It’s worked really well for years and years, it’s good.
4. Cloner for back-ups.
5. Something to integrate with whatever email list you have.
6. Pop-up Domination is a good one.
27.) The winter in Denmark gets very cold, how can we make it nicer?
A: Get some of my buddy JJ’s Spyder active gear, and snuggle up with a special someone in front of a warm fireplace.
28.) What else do you do to keep in shape other than Isagenix and your age in push ups?
A: I like to play racquetball a few times a week, it’s a monster calorie-burner! And I just got a new mountain bike, it’s a beautiful bike you can see on Instagram. So I mountain bike, play racquetball and do my workouts with Dexter. Coach.me is an app that will remind you to do your workouts too.
29.) In the information service industry a considerable amount of free value seems to be given away. Should we give away also our best work , knowing a) The risk someone else will steal it and use in their business b) Know that the public may only ever implement 15% of information anyway.
A: Should you give away your best stuff: in general, yes. If you can it would serve you. It’s really less than 1% of people actually follow through with the knowledge given them.
30.) What is the best $ spend for online reach within advertising to B2C: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram?
A: Instagram by a mile. There’s a lot of engagement on Instagram. Follow the Founder and Rich20Something accounts on there.
31.) Why do you think Instagram is so popular in 2015?
A: Two reasons: it’s super simple. The interface is easy to post and hashtags make it easier to find. Second: people like to look at pictures and they like pictures of themselves. If you know how to use Hashtag well you can really crush it.
32.) What do you know about snapchat advertising?
A: Not a single thing. I don’t use it, at all and know nothing about it. If I were going to focus my energy it would be on Periscope.
33.) Is black the new black?
A: Black is black, it will never go out of style!

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