PatFlynnFounder of, super-dad, and all around good dude Pat Flynn is on episode 328 of The Solopreneur Hour Podcast.

You’ve heard Pat on a million other shows, so if you want to learn more about his back story check it out here.

Instead of covering that same information over, we dug into some different areas, like how you can re-purpose your content, how to fight the fear of changing careers or leaving the one you’ve been trained in, the beauty of mastermind groups, how to make a killer eBook, and loads of other nuggets.

We also talked about men’s fashion and how a lot of men aren’t paying attention to it like they should, and a KILLER way to stay focused throughout the work day.

More About Pat Flynn

One of the many topics we talk about on this show is mastermind groups. If you aren’t in one you need to find one. Can’t find one you want to join? Create your own! Pat talks about his mastermind groups, the three he is in, and how they were critical to his early success.

When he was just starting out he had no knowledge of or background in internet marketing and online business. But he had a great product, he had traffic coming to his blog and he knew there was something there.

So he joined a mastermind group and learned from people who had more experience and knowledge than he did. They showed him how to capitalize on his existing structure and product and turn it into a successful business model. He gives the full skinny on just how he did that on today’s show and how you can find a mastermind that’s right for you (or create your own!).

In This Episode, You’ll Also Hear:

  • How much did he receive for his first sale?
  • Adversity breeds _______. We fill in the blank.
  • Why are negative comments useful?
  • When and why feeling nervous is important.
  • Why did he record the first episode of his SPI podcast three times?
  • And so much more!

He also shares some fashion tips during our chat, another subject we’ve covered a few times on The Solopreneur Hour. If you’re tempted to skip over that part or ignore fashion all together, consider this: people are going to judge you based on how you present yourself.

And your clothes are part of your presentation and part of how people are going to judge you. T-shirts and jeans are fine at home, but what about events and networking? If you want to be taken seriously you need to dress the part. Take note of successful solopreneurs like Pat and follow in his footsteps: dress up and dress sharp when you’re meeting others. Pat and I talk specifically about how to do this and how to do it right.

We also talk about his typical day, and the freedom and flexibility his solopreneur journey allows him. He generally wakes up early with his two kids and makes breakfast with them, plays with them and watches some educational TV with them. He spends the first half of his day with his kids and his wife.

After he cooks lunch for them – he loves to cook – his wife takes over and he goes to work for a few hours. This is typically when he records episodes of his show. He wraps up in the late afternoon and then has family time again til the kids go to bed. Then it’s back to work writing blog posts, working on various projects, etc. All of which he does in the late evening til around 1am while everyone else is fast asleep.

How does he manage to stay on track while he’s working? He used to set an alarm to go off every 30 minutes. That alarm was his reminder to stay on task, and stay off of social media! Eventually he didn’t need to have the alarm go off because it became routine for him to notice whether or not he was actually working, or just being distracted.

Pat also talks about how to deal with those “look squirrel!” moments we all have as solopreneurs, how to channel those ideas but still stay focused on your current project or goal. We also chat about how he deals with haters, where his innovative ideas come from and much more! You’ll have to listen in to get all the goods, and you’ll definitely want your Evernote handy when you do.

Please join me in thanking Pat for generously sharing his time, his wisdom and his stories on the show today. And thanks to all of you for listening in! See you next time on The Solopreneur Hour.

QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: What did you learn from Pat that you’re going to implement from now on?

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