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Q: Hello Michael, I enjoy listening to your show. You have some great advice. This question is for the Friday Question Day. I have a podcast that I love: Straight From the Horse’s Mouth Radio Show.

It combines my two loves horses and art. I have conversations with some of the most interesting and creative people in the horse world. I talk with: authors,photographers, inventors, artists, vets anyone with a unique perspective of horses.

My problem is trying to get my show out there. I am in the outdoor category on iTunes yet my show may appeal to a wider audience. Perhaps my niche is wrong. I have no problem finding guests for the show. Marketing is the issue.

SFTHMouth is on social media & every podcast platform. It is now a year since I started. I ask my guests to leave a review on iTunes, but this is rarely done. I promote their brands by linking back to their websites, posting on all social media.

Maybe I haven’t given the show enough time, or I need to pivot. Need advice thank you from one of your senior listeners.

P.S. I am interested in being part of your network marketing company.

A: Here’s what I see from your website: the website is fine. I’d figure out something better for your URL – podhorse, horsecast, something more consumable.  Your logo could be integrated more.

After looking on iTunes your reviews look like people haven’t actually listened to the show, you could use some more actual reviews. Your keywords need to be deeper, in your author description and not in your title.

Also don’t put SFTHMXX – just put the episode number. Make sure all of your headlines for your episodes are compelling.

On social media every time someone compliments you ask them to leave a review, send them the link. This has worked really well for me.

And consider coming to Podmastery, this is exactly what we do there.

Q: Where do you get the best return on advertising spend (if you spend any on ads)?
A: I don’t really. The hot hand is Facebook ads. Podcasting is a platform so it’s a great way to move the needle, when you guys sign up. Facebook ads are where it’s at if you’re going to go down that road.

Q: Just recently got to over 1300 followers on Instagram. How many do you need to make money and how do you make money using followers?
A: The short answer is 10,000. There are a few ways to make money once you’re there: people will pay you to post to your audience on their behalf. You can also put one active link in your bio, and have a lead magnet linked up there. Post and send people there, offering them something free. Then they’re in your list. Also product placement, companies will pay you to post pictures of you with their products.

Q: I’ve heard you reference your podcast episode about building Instagram followers but can’t find it in your episodes, simply ‘too much’ good content, what number is it?
A: Episode 154 with Sue B. Zimmerman is a good place to start.

Second: I’m looking to build a platform & knowledge based for people who work in, or active owners in apartment buildings, condos/associations/strata (same thing around the world just a different names), about how to manage the work volume, building construction types, repair types, how to save money for your building, I’m thinking podcast/webinar, any recommendations?

A: The first thing I’ll ask is this: is there an audience? Are there enough people in your niche who are actively listening to podcasts? My gut says no, but that’s ultimately up to you and this is part of branding. My thought is to expand and brand yourself so people in real estate would be interested in your show. Ask yourself what people would type into Google to find you.

Third: How do you refine and practice your podcasting skills when you start, without screwing up good interview options?
A: Join SoloLab and we’ll help you do some practice interviews. If you join SoloLab I will work with you and coach you through it, pointing out where you can improve. I’d also recommend listening to any Howard Stern interview with an A-lister. Don’t listen to the content so much as how and what he asks, and when.

Jonny Keeley
Q: Hey man. Thanks for the recent podcast with Nathan Barry. Being from Boise it is nice to hear we have some local talent. There is a lot of info on how great it is to become an entrepreneur but not a lot about what it really takes. What is the reality of being an entrepreneur? Thanks man.

A: The reality is very challenging; it can be a slog to get enough of a skill set to be good at it. Figure out how it can work for you. You have to pick something and run with it.

Once you figure it out (and I think you have) stick with it and go for it, until it bears fruit. Stabilize that one thing first, then look at the other ideas you have. It’s really about finding your voice and putting it out there. Go for what you want, not what other people have success with.

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