NoahlangSee what I did there?

As a solopreneur, one of the most important factors to our livelihood is just that..our livelihood.  An injury or health issue can quickly erode any “runway” we’ve built for ourselves over the course of months or years of work.  Having healthcare was never really affordable as a solopreneur, until now.

Noah Lang founded Stride Health, the first consumer health insurance recommendation engine, to translate health insurance into a language everybody can understand.
He was previously founding VP of Business Development at, responsible for channel distribution, partnerships and corporate development. And building the products to go with them!
Lang currently sits on the DMAs Data Governance Advisory Board and was selected as a “Privacy by Design Ambassador” in 2011. He is a recognized expert in online behavioral tracking, consumer data collection, and digital PII publication.
Noah graduated from Stanford University as a President’s Scholar with a degree in Product Design, focusing on need-finding, user interaction and product development cycles. He was captain of the Stanford Triathlon Team and later co-chaired sponsorship for the Palo Alto Local Organizing Committee of the Tour of California cycling race.
Noah is an avid triathlete, skier and endurance sports junkie, which made him very well suited to creating a company based on health initiatives.  He brings a modern, simple flair to the process of picking out healthcare as a solopreneur.
We’ve partnered with Stride Health,and would love if you’d check out what they have to offer right here:
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