Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.27.39 PMHi Unemployables! For episodde 336 of The Solopreneur Hour we’ve got yet another weekly Friday Q&A session.

To spice it up this week I hopped on Periscope to get your questions, and then answered them on this episode. If you want to participate in any of our upcoming Q&As join us in the Proudly Unemployable group on Facebook. I’d love to see you in the group, find out more about what you’re working on and how I can help you.

Whether or not you chimed in this week with a question I know you’ll get something from today’s show so sit back, relax and enjoy this edition of The Solopreneur Hour podcast.

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We’ve got a bunch of questions from our Periscope session (follow me on Twitter to see more broadcasts and participate) so let’s dive on in.

Q: What is the best song to listen to with your stereo?
A: Right now When Hell Freezes Over by The Eagles on the Hotel California album is my favorite song to play on my stereo right now.

Q: I just started my podcast. What is one of the best ways to grow and gain listeners?
A: If you’re within the 8 week period of New & Noteworthy now is the time to really grow your audience and rock. Do ceaseless and endless promotion. Go to and get 6 relevant hashtags for each episode and Tweet every single one of them when they’re released. Putting the names of other people your audience listens to (like Pat Flynn, Joe Rogan, etc) and your show sounds like is another way to be found.

Q: Jimmy Chamberlain or Dave Grohl?
A: For me it’s Jimmy Chamberlain, I think his stuff is really interesting and Dave is more of a basher.

Q: What are your top 3 lessons from your 44 years?
A: I’m going to make that Monday’s show! Monday is my birthday. I won’t answer your question now, come back on Monday and listen in.

Q: Best practices to grow a great coaching business?
A: Coach what you know. You can’t coach on things you have no idea about. Gary V at Thrive was talking about the surge of people out there calling themselves coaches but don’t know anything about what they’re coaching on! You don’t have to be an expert to be a coach but you have to KNOW something about it. However you can coach people if you know more than the average person.

Q: Best guests that have gone solo from big company experience? I’m currently at Microsoft.
A: For those of you at a 9 to 5 and are miserable the jumping off point is to read my sexy seven. Read them in order, you can get them here. Listen to Rick Mulready, Vasavi Kumar and Dan Martell are all great examples. And every episode is dedicated to just that: how to leave your job and be a solopreneur so listen to them all!

Q: When posting links on Twitter, what’s best: short (trackable) or longer ones that include the show address?
A: I like the short ones because there needs to be room for hashtags. So I do compelling title, short URL and 6 hashtags.

Q: Did you know the drummer from Kiss, Eric Singer, is huge watch guy? What is the best watch under $200?
A: I didn’t know that about Eric Singer. As far as watches I’d say Melbourne Watch Company, a great automatic Melbourne for under a grand. Another one I like but haven’t bought yet is Autodromo.

Q: On Facebook ads how granular should you get with your target audience?
A: Pretty damn! It depends on the product itself but the closer you can get to your avatar the better. That’s the bottom line.

Q: Do you have a fitness goal for 44?
A: Yes I’m sleeping poorly, drinking whiskey and eating poorly because Dexter is on his last legs. But I just ordered a 55-lb kettlebell and am going to start using that. I’m going to get back to Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet, playing racquetball again and using kettlebells twice a week with a cheat day on Sundays.

Q: Does it annoy you when people ask for advice on your Q&As but don’t follow the advice?
A: It’s no skin off my back anymore, those are askholes as we’ve talked about on the show many times before.

Q: TTT or Thrive? Better investment?
A: Thrive was like $1500 and TTT was $4000. If you are beginner to intermediate I think Thrive is the way to go. If you are already rocking your business I think Tropical Think Tank is where you should be. I also really, really like Social Media Marketing World.

Q: You’re often asked who was your buest guest, who would you say was the worst?
A: I will not say his name, I did not run that show. We couldn’t sync up. I would say the harder thing for me is getting someone off their agenda. I don’t want someone’s about page on my show; I try to get personal and interact with them. But some of them shut me down and it’s difficult to take them anywhere. A great example of this is my hero Michael Gerber.

Q: What was your last employee job? When did you quit? Why?
A: Webroot Software; I was hired to be their Creative Director. I was employee #68 and within a few months there was 300 employees and we were bought out, everything changed. They wouldn’t let me do anything I was hired to do, I was undercut by middle managers who had no experience doing what I had been hired to do. That was the last job I had!

Q: How’s Rennch?
A: Rennch is my new app for Porsche nerds like me. I have to lay out a production schedule and get that going.

Q: Do you think you’ll ever have Gary V?
A: I hope so! I love the guy. I will not have the 25-minute Gary-V-promoting-his-new-book episode. I want him here for the hour, to be himself. I’d love to go to him, drink a bottle of wine and record a show. Everyone who listens to this tweet him and tell him he needs to be on the show! Do it any time you want and as many times as you want.

Q: Looking at MacBook Pro 15, trying to decide on the 512 gig or 1 TB – thoughts?
A: The rule of thumb is to get as much as you can afford. If you can afford the 1TB get it. I also love Clean My Mac 3; it works unbelievably well. I will be getting the 1TB next time.

Q: Ever think about an interviewing course? Your style is great, love to learn more.
A: Yes ultimately that’s what Life After 8 Weeks is. I had it set up for 2015 and did so much travel speaking, etc and didn’t have 4 weeks in a row when I could be live. So I need to retool and re-record the whole thing, I haven’t done that yet. You’ll see it coming out now that I’ve hired a righthand man to help me and help systemize things.

In the meantime come to Podmastery in San Francisco with me and Jordan to raise your interviewing skills; he’s another amazing interviewer.

Q: How do you look at the newest technology and what to adapt and what to ignore?
A: With most things I wait for the next iteration after the initial launch. I usually get the next version after the first release.

Q: Would you video and sell Podmastery after the fact? For us that can’t attend?
A: For now we’re not going to do that. But we’ll probably do an East Coast one in January. If December’s goes well we’ll see about doing another one.

Q: Would you go to college again if you were 18 in today’s world?
A: Only if they had an entrepreneurship or entrepreneur financing track. Otherwise I’d learn a trade, record videos of me doing it and then sell the videos AND the finished product. You just need to know the trade and the industry you’re marketing your videos to.

Q: Where will you and Ward will be recording?
A: No idea. We’ve only met once; he could change his mind and that would be that. It’s our plan to have two shows a week; I don’t know if I’ll be flying there twice a month or we’ll do it over Skype. We’ll probably do it live and then record Skype once we get settled in.

Q: Are you still using the hanging buffers?
A: Yes I have three layers of Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets behind me. My drumming doesn’t bother anyone on the street – you can hear a drummer is playing but it’s not a bother.

Q: Have you always been good at talking to people (FORM method)?
A: I have not. I highly recommend an audio book How to Make People Like You In 90 Seconds or Less by Nicholas Boothman. It gives great info on how to connect and establish rapport. Be interested, not interesting. You can use the form method – family occupation recreation and motivation. Those are 4 things people love to talk about.

Q: When are you coming to visit Germany and go to Nurburgring Ring?
A: Holy Toledo I’d love to! I don’t have the skillset to drive the ring but I’d love to drive it at 4mph like a grandma. The next question is the same but for the UK; maybe next year I’ll do a whole UK trip.

Q: When are you coming to the UK and we’ll hook up and do a couple of laps around Brands Hatch?
A: See previous question – next year!

Q: What did your childhood smell of? (Love it when that question crops up!)
A: One of my favorite questions to establish rapport, once you’re in conversation and you’re connecting it builds rapport. The people who instantly respond are right-brained people and they’ll dive in. If they question the question they are left-brained. So even before they answer you know if they are right or left-brained, you’ve gathered data and you can tweak your responses from there. Use numbers and specifics for the left-brained person, and descriptions for the right-brained person.

To answer your question though my childhood smelled like freshly-cut grass, a new can of tennis balls, my dad’s Borkum Riff tobacco because he was a pipe-smoker and roux (flour and butter, the base of much Cajon food).

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