IMG_7848Happy birthday to meeeeeee! Solopreneurs thanks for being here today on my 44th birthday.

On last week’s Q&A I had a question last week pop up from a listener who wanted to know the “three things I learned in 44 years”. It was such a great question I decided to extend it to 10 things and make a show out of it.

So, here are my 10 life lessons (plus a bonus!) on episode 337 of The Solopreneur Hour.

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1. Stuff does nothing, memories do everything.
The first of these 11 life lessons I’ve learned is this: the things I cherish the most from my life haven’t been things, but the memories I’ve shared with my dear friends. And often those memories involve travel. As much as I like nice things, what I remember most have been the places I’ve gone and the experiences I’ve shared with people I hold most dear.

2. Own a dog.
Life lesson number 2 is courtesy of Dexter. Everything I’ve learned about loyalty and love I’ve learned from Dexter. Losing him has been 10 times worse than losing my parents. That being said I encourage everyone to own a dog. If you’re on the fence about it just do it, it’ll be more than worth it.

3. Don’t ditch your hobbies just because you’re older.
If you sang, swam or danced when you were younger keep doing it – that’s life lesson number 3. Don’t stop doing things just because you have kids or have gotten older! Don’t stop doing life just because you aren’t a kid anymore.You have a choice to make your life great, keep your hobbies.

4. Play an instrument.
I don’t know where I’d be today without drumming so that brings us to life lesson 4. It makes me feel better no matter what. If you used to play an instrument or have always wanted to play pick it up and play again, or start taking lessons.

5. Make fitness and health an integral part of your health.
Life lesson 5 is about health and fitness and well-being. If I hadn’t found Isagenix years ago I don’t know what kind of shape I’d be in today. It not only changed my physical well-being, it also changed my mental health. The people I became friends with changed who I am; I’m so grateful to Isagenix and the friends I made through that company.

6. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself.
Too many people think life is over when they reach a certain age, that brings us to life lesson 6. At 37 I didn’t know anything about internet marketing, solopreneurship, coaching, podcasting, network marketing, not any of those things when I started this journey. I learned all about it in the last 6 yrs! And I did so by saying yes first, even though I didn’t know the “how”.

You can too – say yes first and then figure out how. It isn’t necessarily in our nature to approach life this way but you can strengthen that muscle by repeatedly saying yes and going for it.

7. You can decide to be happy if you want to.
Life lesson #7  is we are 100% responsible for our own happiness. If you don’t feel happy and you feel unfulfilled you can change those feelings. Whether you’re going through a break up or losing a job or not launching your dream business yet you can decide to be happy despite all of that. You can choose to be happy regardless of your circumstances.

8. Don’t let society tell you what choices should be right and wrong.
Take life lesson number 8 with a grain of salt; don’t kill someone or covet your neighbor’s wife. But whatever lifestyle you want to live go do that. If you want a certain marriage or relationship go do that; if you don’t want to be married don’t do it.

Be the first person to dance, be the first to volunteer, just go out and be you! Society gets it mostly wrong so why follow it? You do you!

9. Follow your own path but model others’ habits.
Life lesson number 9 is important for solopreneurs especially. If I had started Solopreneur On Fire it would’ve done nothing. Why? Because I would’ve modeled the show, NOT the habits. John’s habits are what has created his success, not his show, so follow your own path.

And if that path includes having your own business that business needs to be the truest reflection of you. Remember people gravitate towards things we like, and people like people like themselves. So following your own path and allowing your true self to be out in the world will allow you to attract your tribe.

But follow the habits of people you really like: take the parts of their habits you like and use them, while you finding your own path.

10. Don’t be afraid to dive into a project you don’t know how to do.
Life lesson #10 I learned while restoring my vintage Porsche 911. I didn’t know how to weld when I got that car. I had picked up a rusty car and knew there was a ton of work to do to it, and I’d figure it out. I wanted to know how to weld. So I bought the parts I needed, asked a bunch of questions and figured out. I basically followed the 8 and 3/4 steps to becoming a solopreneur!

You can do that with anything – from playing piano to podcasting. Dig in, don’t be afraid to jump in and do it. The worst that could happen is you fail? And that’s often the best thing too!

11. The bonus – learn most of these things by having a coach.
Bonus life lesson #11 is this: accelerate all the other 10 life lessons above and this entire process by having a coach. My buddies Nick Unsworth, Chris Ducker, and I all have coaching to help you. If you want to join us in SoloLab we’ll be happy to help you along wherever you are in your business.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What are you going to do differently after hearing these 11 lessons? Let us know in the comments below!

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