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Q: Michael, in the past you’ve mentioned that you have registered domains on GoDaddy but host them on HostGator. Do you buy them and then transfer them over or buy and point them. Does it matter for SEO which of these are done? What’s the detail in this bit of batter?

A: I point them, it makes no difference in terms of SEO. When you’re setting up your website use a temporary domain, change it when the website is all set up and ready.

Q: Maybe this could be a Friday’s podcast question thing but I have a problem that no matter how much I read I can’t seem to fix by myself. I have manifested some wonderful things in all parts of my life but business success. I don’t know if it’s a self-worth problem or what but I start things but never follow through.

I tried different businesses of all kinds with the same results, procrastination and self sabotage. Anybody have some insight into this or a solution let me know, please!! Very hard to write this.

A: Thank you for being vulnerable Todd. The best thing I can say is when it’s 2am and you’re still doing something you know you’re on the right track. If that’s not the case then maybe you haven’t found your “it”. It’s easier said than done I know, but it’s important to work backwards from the things you’re passionate about to how to make it work.

What do you want your life to look like? Every month at the beginning of the month write down your goals for that month. Put them on SoloLab and share them, so it’s out there in the world.

Also write a letter to your past self from your future self, then mail it to yourself. There’s something to the power of intention and putting it out there. If you’re really passionate about what you’re doing and putting yourself out there enough you’ll be successful at it.

Q: Aweber or Infusionsoft?

A: These are both mailing list tools, CRMs, and each are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Aweber is on one end and is fairly simple, while Infusionsoft is very complicated and more expensive. Aweber is fine if you’re starting out, I used it and then graduate to ConvertKit. Check out Nathan’s episode on the show where we talk about it. It’s a good middle ground and I use it, I like it.

Q: What would you advise to combat bright shiny object syndrome?

A: I’m the king of it. That will never, ever, ever go away! You will continue to have ideas until you’re dead, it’s how your brain functions. The difference is this: the successful people are very confident those opportunities will continue to come. You know you’ll have more cool ideas so you know to see this one through until it’s humming along, and then you can move on to the next one.

Q: What one thing did you do for your business that had the most positive result?

A: By far and away I paid very little attention to what was going on – on purpose I didn’t do what they were doing. I started this because there were no conversational entrepreneurship shows out there. This is heavier lifting than other types of podcasts, there was a space for it. So having my own voice and being different in a sea of same was the #1 thing I did for my business.

Q: 1-10. What’s the level of podcast opportunity even with decent saturation for biz shows?

A: Good question, I don’t know what it would be like if I launched this show today. It’s important you find what you love and do something different with it. You can look at shows that have launched mid-2015 and see what they’re doing, check out the Hello Customer podcast as a good example. She nailed that brand and is doing everything right. If you do it right like she did the opportunity is still there.

Q: Where to outsource web design for a simple product?

A: I’d say Fiverr. I’ve had full WordPress sites converted over from one site to another and they’ve done a great job.

Q: Zoom h5 vs h4n

A: The Zoom h5 is a digital recorder, and it replaced the h4n, it’s far easier to use and a far better to device. It’s more compact, a beautiful device. H5 is the answer!

A: Ideas for promoting a new blog?

A: Just like anything: a podcast, YouTube channel, blog, etc with social media. Write a few articles on spec and submitting them to more popular websites. Look on their website for guidelines, match the tone and format they are looking for and if you can do that enough you can secure a guest blog.

Make sure you are writing about something people care about it too, you gotta come correct! I also love Periscope right now for promotion. People can find you there, Instagram, Periscope and guest blogging.

Q: Can you say how much you make from ads and what is the most you can make from ads in podcasting?

A: I typically do $2500 for a month of ads. My potential is $10k a month from revenue but I don’t typically do that – that is about 12 shows a month with 4 advertisers total. I typically do 2, that’s more of a choice than anything. Ads are great since I’m already doing the show. I share things with you that I believe in.

But don’t go into podcasting thinking that’s how you’re going to monetize it. Look at John Lee Dumas, what he makes from ads is maybe 25% of his overall income. The majority of his revenue is from his own products like Podcasters’ Paradise.

Q: vs

A: Good question. Don’t do, that’s if you don’t have a hosting account. The back end is also not as flexible as you want in terms of themes and ecommerce. I’d say go to Hostgator, get your web hosting account for 30% off with Solo30, download WordPress and install it from

Q: Are you involved in network marketing?

A: I am, I am with a company called Isagenix. I’ve been with them since 2009 and take one of their shakes every morning. When I’m ready to get back into my bikini body I know exactly how with their products.

I love the company, the people and the products. I’ve personally witnessed hundreds and hundreds of transformations. If you want to try it go through me.

Q: Need help with online lead generation. White paper vs eBook? What platforms to use. I’ve run effective campaigns in the past (for my 9-5 job), but I can’t seem to run effective campaigns for my own personal business. Thoughts?

A: Maybe neither? The thing I’ve had the most success with is a resource guide. You’ve got some options: LeadPages or OptimizePress for a good landing page, your giveaway should be something like “10 Great Things For XXX” (keep it simple). Or you can do a Facebook offer – promote a giveaway that normally costs X but give it away with a Facebook offer and build your list that way.

Q: Pros and cons of running online business as a brand or your own name?

A: I’ve answered this a bunch of times. Let your brand be your fullback. Like in football – old school – you’d let your fullback blast through the line and the running back would follow in his footsteps.

So I started this show as The Solopreneur Hour, and I built my listeners based on the idea. You’re not Starbucks or Pepsi, who cares about you? Think about like the late night shows and the relentless promotion they do so you know who the host is. So start with your brand, get it out there, and then you can add your name to the brand.

Q: How would you create buzz around your new product with few influencer connections and a very limited budget?

A: Not easily. Go to events and get those connections. You could guest blog, you could create some kind of viral buzz video. It’s almost impossible to do this – you’ve got to have some money or know some people. So build those relationships, try John Corcoran’s report.

Q: There are hundreds of blog posts explaining how to build an email list but they all seem assume a fair amount of daily website traffic. What steps would you take to begin building an email list with a brand new site and no traffic?

A: Just send people via social media, Periscope and Instagram. There’s no magic to this: it’s slow! Be patient, and dig in.

Hello Michael! I just wanted to ask about PayPal. How do you withdraw payments when you use a credit card to receive payments for your services? I was thinking that since it was a credit card, I would be getting extra credit for the money that particular account received but not getting to withdraw the funds.. Apologies for the innocence. I tried going thru PayPal’s FAQ but got lost with all the details…

I heard you say that paypal is still the way to go to receive payments. I was just thinking if I enroll my credit card and start to receive payments, how do i get to withdraw the cash? It will appear as just additional credit on the card but will not be able to withdraw as cash. What is the process in the US on how you withdraw payments received via paypal? Do you just go to the machine and use your credit card to withdraw the fund without incurring interest from the bank?

A: Typically PayPal connects to a bank. That being said I have a PayPal card and I can use it wherever I’d use any other card. To use the funds you have to connect it to a banking account. PayPal gives you a debit card or you can transfer it to a banking account – those are the only ways I know to use funds from a PayPal account.

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