dadToday’s episode of The Solopreneur Hour is a quickie about teaching what you know, passing on your legacy and being inclusive with strangers.

Remember, strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet. Keep that in mind as you listen to episode 344!

More About Passing On Your Legacy

When my brother was here recently I asked him if he ever remembered our dad having a “teaching moment” and showing how to do something. I asked because my childhood memories mainly consisted of our dad being the CEO at home and at work, he was the breadwinner and Mom was the homemaker.

He wasn’t the kind of dad who took us out to play a game of catch, and he didn’t show us how he did so many things. My dad was the kind of guy who could put a new roof on, landscape the yard and fix anything around the house. He was very handy, but he never passed that on.

Consequently I’ve taught myself many of the same things he knew how to do. And in the process when someone offers me suggestions on how to do those things I listen, whether or not I asked for their advice. I’ve found I’d rather over-explain and offer unsolicited advice to someone, than see them struggle.

For me that’s a way of including that person when I offer them advice, and that’s something my dad never did. It wasn’t something most dads of the 80s did; he was definitely a product of his time.

But I think today we have an obligation to each other to teach what we know, and to include each other in our knowledge. We could go back to Native American cultures and take a cue from them. They had to pass everything down through teaching and sharing their knowledge. The only way anything was learned was by studying and listening to someone in the village who already had that knowledge. If it wasn’t passed on it was lost when that person died.

And we can do this in our daily lives through our activities. If I’m out with friends and I see someone sitting by themselves I’ll strike up a conversation and offer to include them in our group. A majority of the time that solo person will join us and new conversations, new friendships and relationships happen as a result.

I’d encourage you to do the same. And if you have kids be conscious of showing them things as they grow up and even into their teenage years. Share what you know with your kids, with people you work with and make passing on your legacy a conscious decision and a daily practice.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How are you going to be passing on your legacy today? Let us know in the comments below!

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