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More About Fan Mail Friday

Q: What was the worst day of your entrepreneurial career and what made you continue instead of quit?

A: The worst time I’ve had was September and October of 2015. Undoubtedly the death of my beloved Dexter was the hardest thing I’ve done while going through this process. It’s thrown me for a major, major loop. What gets you going again is the pure love of what you do.

Q: What do you think about Gary V’s viewpoint that were in a bubble of entrepreneurs.

A: I believe that wholeheartedly. Last year was the podcasting bubble. I think you can’t just say you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be doing something that is entrepreneurial and have that time freedom. Being on your own and being your own business counts.

And if you’re going to be a coach you have to have something you’re good at. You can’t just you’re an Instagram expert and have 411 followers. Don’t be a Kardashian in the online business world, focus on a skill, be good at it and then teach it. Before that you’re not an expert, you are a wannabe and shouldn’t be coaching others.

Thom Singer
Q: How do you climb to next level when you are booming along – but stretched thin as a solopreneur.

A: I would say that’s the perfect occasion to find someone to outsource to, it’s the perfect time to start working on the business and not IN the business. When you have more money than time so find a VA to help you. Read Chris Ducker’s book Virtual Freedom and do James Schramko’s sticky note process (which you can hear on this show).

Jeremiah Johnson
Q: Hi Michael,

I’m a 34 year old classically-trained opera singer. After years of horrid financial choices (and racking up 200K in student loans) I’m trying to help other musicians make better choices. I’ve recently started a financial coaching business for musicians.

I want to offer a product that is helpful, but not so expensive that musicians can’t afford it. I’m less worried about me making money than I am about them being helped. Short of offering it for free what is the best pay structure? A Paetron (monthly) set up or just helping people at a reduced rate? Thanks!

A: So Jeremiah there’s a million things in this that are telling. Have you made good financial choices now and there’s evidence you know how to be financially stable in the music industry? First and foremost. You can’t coach people on this until you’ve done that.

Second: you are putting your own financial outlook on someone else. You’re assuming they can’t afford what you’re trying to offer.

I’ve did this too when I started with my network marketing company Isagenix. I could only afford the 9-day program so I assumed that’s all other people could afford. Once I changed my mind and made that shift all I sold was the bigger program and that’s all that I did. My business grew exponentially!

So there’s a mindset shift that needs to be accomplished in your own psyche Jeremiah. The idea of them wanting to donate when you don’t have a real brand it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. The way you could swing this would be to share your journey with people if you haven’t yet accomplished a better financial situation for yourself. And if you have figured it out break down the processes you’ve done and then be fair about it. Instead of doing a single product you can do a subscription model for $19.99 a month. And give them all the resources to go along with it.

You probably just need a tweak of how you implement this idea. Be careful about coming in at a reduced rate, it’s also a reduced perception of value. If something is very inexpensive they don’t think it’s any good and that’s the truth.

Tom Hemerka
Q: Michael O’Neal, I would enjoy hearing you get your chance to have the full Gary V. solo style interview.

Does Hines have any special connections with anyone on the Jets to get you special tickets for the two of you to watch a game? If not, what other creative ways do you see yourself having a Gary V. interview?

A: I don’t Tom. He knows the door is open, if he wants to be on the show he can come and be on the show. I don’t want the 20 minute sound bite interview, what’s important to me with this show is the story behind every guest. You can’t do that in 24 minutes! I don’t do solopreneur 24 minutes. What I’m finding is people in the performance world really appreciate an hour, they don’t get that in most cases.

Travis Royboy Scanlan
Q: My hot rod photography/podcast business has about $2k in the bank right now. I’m looking at the best ways to use that to grow the business.

1. Use the $ to buy new shirts to sell, this is a steady if not stellar earner for me.

2. Upgrade my podcast equipment to something a little better that 90% of my listeners will never hear the difference. But I like new toys, especially audio ones.

3. Save the cash to take some bigger trips to some new events next year. New events always put me in front of new potential subscribers and sponsors.

4. Combination of the above and add in FB advertising as I’m doing no paid ads now.

And yes I do still want to have you on the podcast, but with all that you have had going on I didn’t want to bother you.

A: Just reach out! Thursdays I do other shows and I’d love to be on yours. Check out Sam Jones’ episode and check out his site. His methodology was to get to where the people are and be there. If you know your avatar get to those events and start shooting. Wherever hot rod people are you should be there. Focus on a particular mark, create a body of work and be that guy for those people.

Sam Weegman
Q: 1. What is the best way to promote a new blog?
2. What happened to your car and watch podcast?
3. What would be the best advice you could give to a 19 year old who wants to be a solopreneur, but doesn’t know what he wants to do?

A: I thought I answered that last week – social media, social media ads and get on other blogs as a guest writer. Listen in to last week’s episode.

2: Nothing happened to that podcast, it needs a co-host. In between when I wanted to launch that then the Hines Ward podcast came up. That has taken precedence over all the other stuff.

3: Just keep digging in. You have the world at your finger tips so just try stuff. Blogging, podcasting, etc. Just try stuff, find your person you dig and what they’re doing in the industry and follow in their footsteps.

If you’re a writer dig into and becoming a copywriting ninja. Check out Autoresponder Madness. Read everything you can, take every course you can afford and become an absolute ninja. But only if you’re a writer and like writing. If you’re techie and into apps try that route.

Jason Hartman
Q: Michael – Hey buddy, you’re one of the most tech savvy podcasters I know so here’s a question for you… What is the best way to record from a cell phone?

As you know, I have an iPhone and I’ve tried a couple of the apps like Call Recorder but just don’t think they’re ready for primetime.

In addition to the recording methodology, I’m wondering if you have a recommendation on the best mobile microphone or headset. I just use earbuds when I have to do mobile recording, occasionally, but something better would be great. Thanks!

A: I have all kinds of recommendations for you! Here’s what I would use. There’s a new product from Sennheiser called The Clip Mic Digital. It plugs right into your iPhone and reduces outside sound. It comes with its own recording device but you can also use BossJock, an app on the iTunes store. It’s awesome. I’ve done a number of episodes using BossJock, you can record your intro/outr or have your intro and outro saved on there and fade them in and out.

If you guys haven’t heard him check out Jason’s episode on real estate investing on this show – he’s a baller and knows his stuff!

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