wonderland**NOTE – Apologies for this episode being so “Breathey”.  I was experimenting with audio settings a bit, and that’s what it turned out like. Sorry.

Heyoo! Happy Holidays everyone!

Today’s show is replete with all kinds of questions, including how to monetize your service biz, why microphones have foam tips, and whether college is a good investment or not.  I also lay out a challenge for you to try this week the next time you’re in your car.

The questions from Periscope:
Why do microphones have foam on them.

what little people trying to connect with you have made the biggest impression on you?

Is college worth it.

Do you think everyone should buy their name as a domain name like Gary Vee says in crush it.

How would you approach sites about using their content for affiliate marketing?

how long do you stick w/ a platform before you move on?

I’m a car salesman and these months are slow

brandeeanthony_photography and my website is in my periscope bio

Where would you start to help produce a podcast for someone else with no clear direction?

Real Estate Appraiser – what would you recommend for more of an online type business.