unsworthMy pal Nick Unsworth is back on the show again, chatting about his upcoming event “Ignite Your Movement” (January 13-15 in Los Angeles – use the promo code “solohour” for $100 off!).

We dig into all of the changes he’s had in the last year, then he spells out, in detail, how we can get started with our own live events. This show was an instant “Best Of” for me, and will become the outline I follow when it’s time for Solopreneur Hour live events!  Enjoy episode 363 of The Solopreneur Hour!

More About Ignite Your Movement

Nick Unsworth is our returning champ for today’s show, he’s been here numerous times and was gracious enough to record this one on his birthday. If you haven’t heard his back story or any of the other episodes he’s co-hosted have a listen here.

So today we catch up on the latest and greatest in his life including his recent wedding and honeymoon, the biggest business nightmare he’s experienced (and how he turned it around) and the what, where, when and why of his latest Ignite Your Movement event in Los Angeles.

On This Episode You’ll Also Hear:

  • How did Nick know it was time to do his first event?
  • What’s the biggest mistake first time event hosts make?
  • Why living a life on fire isn’t just about this one thing.
  • What fuels Nick to do what he does?
  • What to expect from Daymond John and Tai Lopez at the next Ignite event!
  • And much, much more!

Nick has wanted to do live events for quite awhile. In fact he’s been interested in putting them on long before they became the “it” thing to do again. Events have been so impactful for him and his business that providing valuable and informative events for other people was a way to give back and give others the opportunity to have the same experiences he did.

He also knew he wanted to do events differently than they had been done before, and he wanted to do them in his own way. His ultimate goal was transformational 3 day events, but he knew he couldn’t start with those. So instead he developed one day events and grew into the 3 day model.

Nick also started with the free ticket model. The model works like this: you offer free tickets to anyone who wants to attend. You run Facebook ads to promote the offer, when people click the ad they are sent to a landing page. On the landing page it clearly spells out the details of the free offer: they give a 100% refundable deposit of $47 or $97 (whatever makes sense for your numbers) and provide their first and last name, and their telephone number.

After giving that information they are taken to a second landing page where a video of you pops up and again explains the fully refundable deposit and how they will recoup their money. Now they have a free ticket and you have a lead!

But it doesn’t end there. When they show up to the event you create a moment on stage where you tell them to hold up their envelopes with the checks in them and wave those checks in the air. You tell them they can keep the check and deposit it, or they can turn the check in and in exchange receive a course (or some other offer) worth X amount of money.

Nick followed that model for a long time before going over to the paid ticket model. In fact this is his first event where the tickets are paid, and not free. His tickets for this event are buy one get one free so two people can share the cost of the ticket, and he gave all the listeners a coupon code for $100 off. He says they may legitimately sell out the ballroom he’s reserved in Los Angeles so get on that offer stat!

He also explains who will be in attendance at this event – from Tai Lopez to Daymond John (FUBU, Shark Tank) to Michael Bernoff among many other big names you’ll recognize. Listen in to hear all of those details on episode 363 of The Solopreneur Hour.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What are you committed to getting out of the Ignite Your Movement event? Let us know in the comments below!

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