Here we are again Solopreneurs! It’s our weekly free coaching Friday episode: you ask your questions and I give you the answers. And this week I’m talking to you from Beverly Hills.

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To The Guru of Great Thoughts, Earl of Entrepreneurs and Leader of the Track.
Q1: How wide is your smile.  In inches or centre meters,  please measure the width of your physical smile as we can only guess on a podcast.    I guess 2.3 inches?
Q2: What is the most profitable work you have ever done ?
Q3: What have underestimated the most in life and business?

Keep up the great work. #gratitude

Q: What do you think the trends will be for 2016??

Kris Lee
Q: Hi Michael. Are you still driving/autocrossing your MINI?  I’m getting ready to build a 2011 JCW for next season and I hadn’t heard you talk about it much lately.


Dustin Wiesner
Q: How do I choose a path? I’ve been on the conventional path for awhile and recently graduated with a degree in Accounting. I’ve also had some mild success with some small business ventures. I’m at a crossroads where I need to start studying for my CPA, or take a business idea more seriously.

However, each time I “decide” on a path I will find something more appealing about the other and I flip-flop. I’ve flip-flopped constantly for the past few months and it’s super draining.It feels like I need to choose a path, start moving forward and not look back. How do I jump off without looking back?

Thanks for all you do!

Q: Michael –  Thanks for the offer! Here’s my question:  I need help systematizing personalized, emails to target prospects. How can I do this?

Currently, I find my targets via Linkedin (typically C-Level, VP types). Then I research their contact info and email individuals directly.  It’s time consuming! However, I am getting high open rates and tracking via Hubspot. Is there a way (economically) to ramp-up this into a more automated process.
BTW, I’ve used overseas researchers several times in the past – always disappointed with my results.

Hi Michael,

Happy 2016 to you too! I appreciate the opportunity! Here are a couple of questions for the podcast.

Q1: If you have an established business and you had to make money fast, perhaps for an unexpected bill or to finance an upcoming project, what’s the fastest way you know to generate income for your business? (If it helps with some context, I am a social media coach).

Q2: If someone says ‘No’ to working with you right now due to cashflow, what’s the best way to keep in touch with them so you keep top of mind without them feeling that you are hassling them.
Q: What’s your #1 piece of advice for the life/spiritual coaches out there who want to bring their biggest game possible and really turn it into a lifelong, financially fruitful profession?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What did you learn from today’s episode that you’ll be applying in your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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