Abel-James-1Food is obviously a vital part of our day. But have you considered that your eating choices could be slowing you down in your business? They might be and our guest today can help you.

Abel James of the Fat Burning Man brand joins me to talk about all that and more in episode 380 (encore of episode 48) of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

Abel has one of the leading health podcasts where he’s interviewed Tim Ferriss, Lewis Howes, and many more notables. He’s also a successful solopreneur who has had the #1 app, and he is a best-selling author.

Abel’s online home is Fatburningman.com and today we chat about our backgrounds in music and how musicianship has influenced our solopreneur careers, the impact nutrition has had for both of us, and the lost art of being Renaissance man.

From an early age, Abel has been a hustler and an innovator. As he says in this podcast, he didn’t grow up with much money so he had to create it from nothing. If he wanted something he had to create the money to get it, so that’s what he did!

Listen in as Abel and I share:

  • Why it’s vital as a solopreneur to model yourself after people who are socially, morally and ethically responsible.
  • His sure-fire tips for getting healthy without denying yourself.
  • The value in living as a Renaissance man or woman and why it’s become a lost art.
  • Why saying you don’t have time for something is a cop out.
  • The number one way to set yourself apart from everyone else.
  • And much more!

His foray into internet marketing came in the late 90s, and he hasn’t looked back since. His early start came via buying & selling on eBay, selling music online, among other things. Today he creates podcasts, books and apps, including launching an app ranked #6 (ahead of the ever-popular “Angry Birds”!).

Once we cover his background and our shared interest in music – including the podcasters’ band we want to create! – we get into even more goodies like why you need to protect your intellectual property on the internet today.

In terms of intellectual property everyone (or so it seems) is a solopreneur today, and they have their solopreneur business. But what happens after you’ve launched something you’ve poured your heart, sweat and time into and you see copycats of your exact product a week later? How do you protect yourself from that? It happens far more often than you think and you’d do well to prepare yourself.

We also talk about the importance of physical labor versus creation, when he became unemployable, what he does with the Fat Burning Man brand and why being a Renaissance man is a lost art.

One of the key points to listen to is his brand and the change he is bringing to the world with it. You’ll hear the passion he has for quality food and how he shares that on his podcast, his apps and his other products – it’s not about getting a six-pack yesterday, it’s about the mental, emotional and psychological component because that’s where real change is made.

I had a blast with him on this show, and I hope you are both entertained and educated when you listen. Abel and I have jam-packed this episode with tons of value – and lots of laughs. It’s clear he is a man who walks his talk from the way he eats to the way he runs his solopreneur endeavors. Listen in and enjoy episode 380 of The Solopreneur Hour!

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