Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 12.39.48 AMMy buddy Darren Roebuck ( and I have been playing music together for over 15 years.  We were in a band called “Bambi’s Apartment” for 5 years in 1998, he on the bass, me on the drums. We toured all over the country together, and played lots of great shows.

Darren is a mega-talent, with loads of hustle.  He’s good at just about everything he does, because he really focuses on getting better at everything.

He’s also got an incredible voice, and that’s what led to this conversation.

A few helpful links:

The workout me and John Lee Dumas are doing:

Darren’s Voiceover Fiverr Page:

A lot of great quotes in this one: 

“unhappiness is unhealthiness”
“happiness is worth SO much more than money”
“every opportunity is a good one”

Tips for building business on Fiverr:

  1. Perception is reality.
  2. Look great.  Well lit photos.  Good sound on your video.
  3. Make people want what you offer.
  4. Offer something reasonable for your 5 bucks
  5. learn the art of the upsell

Books (Besides The Five Recommended)

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (Get it FREE at

Everything I Know About Business I Learned from the Grateful Dead: The Ten Most Innovative Lessons from a Long, Strange Trip