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On the show is a previous co-host, a guy who hates public speaking but is the creator of e-courses and author of the successful public speaking book, “Do you talk funny?”.

David Nihill who resides in San Francisco and was born in Ireland, overcome his fears of public speaking by deciding to “fake it” as a comedian for a year after being asked to step in and MC for a friend at a wedding.

This intensive learning curve in comedy has led to David founding his business, and more recent his new book “Do You Talk Funny?”

His book is the result of this intense learning he went through, everything he learnt is dissected in these 196 pages.

In this episode we talk about

  • The evolution of “Do you Talk Funny?”
  • How he tested the concept of the book in an e-course.
  • How he went from no list to 14,000 downloads of the self-published book in 3 days
  • The transition from self-published to traditionally published [00:33:11]
  • Techniques and methods when writing a book [00:37:00]

Using David created the e-course on the premise of the book, this allowed him to test what worked and what people found most helpful to refine what went in the book, all at a higher price point that the book would sell for.

Adjustments [00:28:00]

Udemy loved the course David put out as it was one of the highest grossing public speaking course on the platform but they suggested that he level up the video quality of the courses and have David on the screen as it was only David’s voice over on slides.

Re-recording the videos made a massive difference to the engagement rates, also David changed the lengths of the lessons so they were kept under 5 minutes which also had a massive impact. One of the biggest impacts was making the content more entertaining and light hearted.

[00:29:38] <393tip.mp3 goes here>

David’s biggest tip when putting a print book out to the world is to record the audiobook before the book is ready to be printed. This allows you to hear how it reads and find mistakes before it is out there. Also try to keep the rights to the audiobook if you can as it can be a good revenue stream.

Check out the show for more great tips from David, alternatively to hear more about David’s story, listen to him on Episode 292 (

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