Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 12.17.53 PMWelcome to Episode 40! Visiting with us this week is Facebook advertising consultant extraordinaire Shane Johnston. Shane and I met at Nick Unsworth’s Life on Fire weekend in San Diego a few months ago. We instantly bonded over our mutual passion for helping people grow their businesses.

Shane has helped some of the most successful solopreneurs launch their campaigns via Facebook advertising. He has worked with such noteworthy clients as Amy Porterfield, Pam Hendrickson, and Nick Unsworth.  In fact, one tip he offered me led to 5,000 likes for my fan page. This guy is the real deal!

In this episode he shares stories about growing up on an island in northern Canada where his dad taught him the all-important lessons: “Every job deserves to be done well.” and “Find out what people want and give it to them.” Shane took these lessons to heart and applied it to every endeavor he tackled from his own lawn-cutting business in his pre-teen years to creating a $100 million project under then-GE CEO Jack Welch to building his own present-day successful Facebook marketing campaigns.

Additional insights Shane and I talk about are:

  • The true definition of hustle
  • How to turn “likes” from your fan page into buying customers on your list
  • The 80/20 rule of Facebook ads
  • The 3 steps for a successful Facebook campaign
  • Why using any other marketing outlet besides Facebook is like digging a well when you’re thirsty – instead of putting your cup under Niagara Falls

Throughout the show, Shane shares his passion and deep wisdom for seeing the value in every situation. Through every experience and lesson he has learned in his life it’s clear Shane has sought to bring his very best to the table and to deliver what others want most of all. You’ll hear his intelligence, versatility and focus as he talks about how to establish yourself, create a relationship and educate your audience no matter what niche you’re in.
This episode is a great look at the ins and outs of podcasting and about what it takes to create a successful podcasting business. Before you do ANY advertising on Facebook listen to this show – it could save you countless dollars and any solopreneur’s most valuable commodity: time.

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