EP 407- On a mission to create a million entrepreneurs, with Mike KoenigsWe as Solopreneurs have to be brutally honest about ourselves, are we good at what we do? Otherwise, we become delusional. We don’t know ourselves. We continue to pursue something that we will never become.

To become successful, you have to understand really who you are, how you learn, behave and process information.

Today’s guest Mike Koenigs (Kur-Nigs) started to feel like an entirely different Human after attending a Tony Robbins event, he began to understand who he was and has gone on to sell two businesses to publicly traded companies also built and sold a further seven businesses and sold $45,000,000 worth of products online.

He is also an author of ten best-selling books and also a recent Cancer survivor, completing nine months of chemotherapy and 33 radiation treatments.

Mike has interviewed and consulted with celebrity clients and bestselling authors including Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul and Brian Tracy

Mike & Mike Discuss

  • Twitter as a direct communication tool (18:42)
  • Concept of saying “Yes” (31:37)
  • Power of Surveys (50:30)

Saying Yes

When Mike met Tony Robbins he was $250,000 in the hole, his marriage on the rocks and his business was failing.

He saw a friend go through a transformation after seeing Tony Robbins and going through all his programs. Mike decided to do the same. He had nothing. No money, no resources.

The night after he met his friend he went to his little apartment, and there was a brand new credit card with $8500 limit on it. He turned on the tv and there was Tony Robbins, (earlier with his friend he made the vow of next time he saw Tony Robbins on tv he would buy his programs.) He picked up his phone and with his brand new credit card ordered his products.

He had it rush delivered so paid a little extra, two days later he got this box of CDs. He listened to the first 15 minutes on the 1st CD and noticed a coupon to get a discount at a Tony Robbins event and he called and signed up for everything. With the expense of this event, CD’s, travel, and accommodation, Mike had filled up that brand new credit card.

He was in a room two weeks later with 3000 people jumping up and down and to his horror guys were hugging each other, totally not what he had expected.

After spending the first two days trying to work out how he would get out of there, he decided just to go with it. He started to feel like an entirely different human being. He opened up his body and his heart and began to understand what Tony Robbins was saying about physiology. He started to pay attention to his feelings and emotions in ways he never had before.

He walked out of the event with a newfound commitment to life.

Within 90 days he and his partner had turned around the business, within 6 months a billion dollar advertising agency presented an offer to buy their business. A year later he had purchased a boat (46-foot boat on the Mississippi River) and lived on it for five years. He and his partner sold the business and they had enough money to pursue a dream of theirs initially brought them together 10 years prior, produce an independent feature film.

The core elements Mike learned from this experience was he really understood, who he was, how he learned, how he behaved, how he thought processed information.

“No thyself and be true to thyself”

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