Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 12.40.48 AMDespite being one of the most well-renowned drummers in the world, Mike Johnston always had a fear of doing drum solos. This fall, he was asked to do a solo in front of 1000 of the most educated and accomplished drummers in the world. Preparing for this challenge not only changed his drumming life, but how he views business as well. Listen to this episode to learn what a drum solo can teach us about being a Solopreneur.  To hear more about Mike’s background, check out episode 20. 

In this episode Mike and I talk about his passionate commitment to his personal brand, the lengths he recently went to to maintain the integrity of his brand while being featured on the cover of DRUM magazine – and why it’s important for ANY solopreneur to embody that same level of commitment.

We also get into tackling and overcoming fear: there’s the proverbial 900 lb gorilla that EVERYONE faces wherever they are in their lives. For Mike it was doing a live drum solo for the elite crowd of PASIC. And there are many lessons woven into his drum solo tale that all of you can take to heart:

  • No matter how successful someone is they too have a 900 lb gorilla: it could be leaving their comfortable 9-5 to strike out on their own or giving a speech in public or performing a drum solo for their peers.
  • The steps to take in facing that gorilla and successfully defeating it.
  • Why you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to be a success.
  • Why it works when you find what you’re comfortable with and follow it.

Throughout this episode you’ll hear Mike’s commitment to not just drumming but to personal excellence in all he does. You’ll hear how deeply passionate he is about providing value for people that helps them and not focusing on how much money something will bring in. He genuinely cares about making a difference for others in their drumming and their lives. It’s clear his commitment to others’ success has been the key to his success.

As you listen ask yourself: how can I relate this to my business? Then hear the invaluable wisdom Mike drops. This episode features stories about drumming: those stories provide  lessons about life and business as a solopreneur.

One of those lessons is something we talk about here A LOT: find what you love, learn everything you can about it doing it and surround yourself with people who will support you every step of the way. And once you’ve mastered your craft, give back and show others how to do the same successfully.

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