Free Coaching Friday Episode 424


Hola! Today’s another episode of Free Coaching Friday.  Not only do I answer your questions, but I tell the story of how I narrowly avoided crashing through a fence in the middle of nowhere.  I hope the story does the adrenaline justice.



If you haven’t listened to one of these episodes before this is YOUR chance to ask questions: ask anything you want on whatever you want, any topic you want: bring it on! If you want to be part of the next show join us in the Proudly Unemployable Facebook group here. Look for my post, typically on Thursday, asking for your questions. Post yours in the comments section and then tune in the next day to hear my answer.



Mike Answers:


  • 19:40 Podcasting Gear
  • 23:15 Finding your passion and taking ACTION
  • 26:27 Strategizing Amber
  • 31:45 SoloLab & Limiting your time to get things done
  • 38:39 Virtual Assistants
  • 39:13 Content Marketing
  • 44:01 Narrowing your niche
  • 49:00 Selling your hobby blog
  • 51:00 Growing your Facebook Group and Ratings and Reviews
  • 55:52 Using Instagram to sell custom signs
  • 57:48 Apps and Tools to help with scheduling



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