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He’s been described as an “avant-garde pop mastermind” and one of the most unique and endearing live acts in America today. And he’s our guest for episode 92, my friend and one of my favorite fellow musicians, Stuart Davis.

Stuart typifies solopreneurship: he’s a musician, a TV host, and a painter. He’s also one of the most learned and yet knowledge-hungry people I’ve met. To describe him fully, you have to be willing to expand your own awareness of labels like “Buddhist”, “philosopher”, and “artist”. There’s a reason he’s been called the Twisted Mystic.

More About This Show

Before he was the Twisted Mystic, Stuart was simply a kid who loved music. From a young age, he would spend 6 or 7 hours a day learning instruments and the fundamentals of music. He was consumed by his love for it.

In his early 20s his passion came to fruition when he was invited to play at the Guthrie Theatre in his hometown of Minneapolis, which is the equivalent of playing Red Rocks in Colorado. If neither of those examples give you a perspective, just know they are both places musicians would love to play.

From his time in Minnesota, Stuart followed his love for music  to Boulder, Colorado where we met and played together.  He is one of the most eclectic, intelligent and musically-inspiring artists I’ve had the privilege to play with. And in episode 92, he shares what has shaped his career and who he is today.

The finer details of this show include:

  • Can we ever fully realize our true genius?
  • Embrace discomfort from early on?
  • The X then Y factor: what Stuart has learned from this and how it runs parallel to your journey
  • One of the pinnacle moments of his early music career
  • What keeps him saying yes?

Stuart’s eclecticism has broadened his life from being a musician to today living in Amsterdam where he raises his daughters on a boat and expresses his artistic side through painting, music, and any other medium that strikes his fancy.

In this show, you’ll hear what books, teachings and experiences have influenced his desire to expand his creative repertoire as well as the fascinating story behind how he met his wife (who is Ken Wilber’s former wife).

I brought Stuart on the show not only because he’s a brilliant musician, but also because he’s a solopreneur at heart. He says yes to opportunities, even when he’s afraid and he embraces the ups and downs and winding turns of solopreneurship. He tells us what has kept him true to himself along the way.


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