Today’s episode features my buddy Greg Hickman, recorded in his living room in Denver Colorado.  You may remember Greg from his company Mobile Mixed.  Greg had focused on building your entrepreneurial business with your mobile device.  But he found it was too hard to build it to the level he wanted.  So, he completely scrapped the idea and started something new.  As it turns out, the new idea was even better.  In this show we talk about when you know when to “cut the cord”, and admire Greg’s bravery to abandon his idea despite his ego telling him otherwise.




Don’t Priorities your Schedule, Schedule Your Priorities

10665906_10154674428455542_6137297353394092636_nMike and Greg Discuss:


  • [4:49 ] Traveling around Japan
  • [18:12 ] Freeing yourself from notifications, Virtual Staff and Delegating
  • [30:36] The Pivot






The Pivot


Since the last time Mike and Greg spoke, Greg ran MobileMixed a resource for running your business from your mobile phone. Now he has made a drastic and public pivot, from mobile to automation with his new company, a client based operation that specializes in creating sales funnels and marketing automation.


Greg had been running MobileMixed for the better part of a decade. It was what he was known for. This led to speaking gigs, a podcast and a blog all about the topic, mobile.


Off the back of the podcast/blog, Greg created a mini-agency for businesses that wanted to implement mobile into their strategies. The focus was on small businesses as Greg came from a big brand background, he decided against working for big brands so decided to give big brand strategy to small independent retail businesses.


Greg found the sales cycles really long, customers didn’t understand they had a problem and didn’t get mobile marketing, so he had to educate them in mobile marketing, identify they had a problem and connect it to them, which was long and painful.


The agency flatlined at 7k per month and Greg started to feel like he wasn’t getting anywhere. On his podcast Zero to Scale, he said he needed to try something else. His co-host said, why don’t you give yourself a 30-day challenge.



The 30 Day Challenge


Greg challenged himself to find 2 to 3 customers in the next 30 days that are willing pay to money to help them with Infusionsoft. Using the network he cultivated from speaking gigs and events Greg used email and phone calls to drum up some leads and within seven days Greg landed 6 paying clients and realized the pain was real.


Just because you decided to do something once, doesn’t mean that’s where you need to end up!


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