VasaviKumar-300x263As a solopreneur, adversity is something nearly all of us are familiar with – but what do we do with it? Do we play the blame game or do we channel it into a greater cause, a greater purpose and gift in our lives?

In episode 43, Vasavi Kumar shares how she has done the latter. As an author, coach, and freedom strategist, Vasavi has dealt with decades of difficulties. From growing up in an ultra-conservative Hindu home, to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder in college, Vasavi has embodied the phrase: I was born ready. 

Listen as she shares her experiences, and the wisdom they have taught her. You’ll be struck by her willingness and commitment to find the lesson in every challenge, and not only the lesson but the strength and GIFTS of that lesson.

She has been, and continues to be, unwilling to fall victim to any experience, event or circumstance. Instead, she hustles like her life depends on it with every action she takes.

She truly walks her talk; she is transparent, honest, and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She talks about her early college years, her drug and alcohol addictions and hypersexuality. And she has shaped her life and her offerings to the world around the belief that in all adversity there is knowledge, wisdom and a gift.

Things you’ll learn from this conversation:

  • The only two things any solopreneur must do to succeed.
  • The secret to successful “shameless self-promotion”
  • How to “fake it til you make it” like she did
  • Her “secret formula” to success
  • Why she treats everyone – no matter how “big” or “small” they are – with kindness and fairness

Throughout this episode you’ll hear how Vasavi has taught herself to not to be a victim, and how to take 100% ownership of everything in her life, including her own happiness. And you’ll find a path to creating your own happiness just as she has done.

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