Episode 437: Janet Murray wants to help you with your bad press release


Getting “Press” for our businesses is kind of the Holy Grail…free advertising! After years of being a journalist, Janet Murray decided to transfer her skillset to the world of PR…and we are all the beneficiaries of it!


Mike and Janet Discuss:


  • 01:40 Growing up with music
  • 16:02 Finding Journalism
  • 18:19 Realization Storytelling was the important part and Feature writing
  • 21:59 Awkward interviews
  • 25:19 Freedom of information requests
  • 28:49 Frustrations of a professional writer
  • 34:56 Scaling and pitching to the media
  • 38:05 Stop talking about your business
  • 40:50 As featured On…and how not to pitch
  • 50:54 We all have that story in us
  • 57:27 Don’t hire a PR company, find the low hanging fruit
  • 61:48 Whens the right time for PR and expect the unexpected



A Press Release is an official statement which is issued or offered to newspapers to give information about a particular matter. It is written and meant for a particular group of people to communicate a newsworthy message to them. One of the most outstanding professionals in the area of a press release is Janet Murray from the UK.


For years now, Janet Murray is famously known as a journalist and founder of Soulful PR, who has been coaching many entrepreneurs and many journalists on how to pitch to the media. Janet Murray has been popular among many people as a blogger, a speaker, and a podcaster. Although she runs her business in a small garden shed or “shedquarters”, she has helped many entrepreneurs and journalists build relationships with one and other.


Janet’s “Shedquaters” Article in the press

Janet Murray was born in Liverpool, England. Since her early childhood, Janet was much interested in being a journalist. She went to the University of Leicester during 1993-1996 where she took English Literature course, then joined Canterbury Christ Church University in 1997-1998 where she took English. Later on, she attended the London College of Communication 2000-2001 where she took journalism as her major.


Currently, Janet Murray has over 15 years as a national journalist, an editor and now host of her podcast, Soulful PR. She also coaches PR on her website JanetMurray.co.uk and her very popular Facebook group.


Janet has also been involved in many specialists’ publications as a journalist some include; The Guardian, The Telegraph, You Magazine, The Independent, The Sun, and Daily Express.


From this area, Janet has been able to perfect her skills, knowledge, and expertise to become a successful journalist.


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People Mentioned

  • Chris Ducker
  • Pat Flynn
  • Amy Porterfield


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