He’s a Pharmacist, turned Award-Winning Advertising Copywriter, turned Stand Up Comic, turned Bestselling Author and Speaker, and I met him at the Funny Bizz Conference in San Francisco, run by David Nihill. (You remember David from This Episode and This Episode) He’s Marty Wilson, and he’s funnier than you.  For now.  Marty teaches us, in this episode, how to connect our actual life stories and make them funny anecdotes for parties, blogs, and public speaking.  Anytime I have a funny person on, it’s an entertaining conversation, and this is no exception.


Mike and Marty Discuss:

  • 3:13 Minutes of good
  • 14:16 MC Gigs tips
  • 31:45 End of a 3 day gig
  • 36:15 Becoming Unemployable – Me to the power of two
  • 41:46 Punching Up – More Funny More Money
  • 46:14 Being adverse to change
  • 49:43 Common fears around change
  • 55:22 What I wish I knew
  • 61:45 Advice on transitioning to speaking gigs
  • 69:21 Up and coming gigs

Marty Wilson was a pharmacist who chucked away his white coat to become an award-winning copywriter. Marty was a third generation pharmacist. Pharmacy was Marty’s passion having studied it at the University of Sydney. He, however, notes that it has changed immensely in the last few years.

Marty Wilson worked for brands such as Coca-Cola and the National Rugby League where he won an award but later decided to drop the ponytail to pursue full-time comedy.

In 1997, Marty Wilson started a career in standup comedy and won the Australian Comic of the year award after only 12 months of performing. He appeared on the Footy Show’, an Australia winning sports show covering rugby leagues in the country.

Subsequently, he moved to the UK and rose to become a full-time comedian, working with leading British and Irish clubs such as The Comedy Store, The Glee Club, and Jongleurs for over seven years.

Marty Wilson is currently a bestselling author of 18 books and writes for the Sydney Morning Herald, Reader’s Digest, and a dozen other magazines and consistently appears on the Australian Breakfast show Breakfast’. His life experience, his numerous interviews with over 1000 inspirational people for his book series, has given Marty a capacity to notice profound truths that have been buried in the smallest and humblest of life stories and the skills to pass that wisdom on with humor, integrity, and empathy.

He’s not just a comedian

Marty Wilson is not just a funny speaker; he speaks of a developed systematic process that is based on scientific research. He shares with his audience how humor can be used to short- circuit inbuilt anxieties and fears about change. He is motivated in helping delegates overcome the fear of change, think more rationally, stay focused on the solution and perform to their optimum.



His life experience and his interviews with countless inspirational people have given him the capacity to know some of the most profound yet hidden truths that exist in most of his listeners. His keynotes and workshops are guided by scientific knowledge, tips and strategies wrapped up in his hilarious stories to motivate and captivate every one of his listeners.


Personal life


Forty eight year-old Marty Wilson is the husband to Allie Wilson and father to two boys- Cornor and Elliot- aged nine and twelve. His life after comedy has involved a relocation back to Australia, his settling up his current home, getting back to advertising, getting a book deal, having a second child, changing jobs, finishing his first book and making it a best seller, running away from advertising and finally starting comedy and corporate speaking.


Professional life


Marty Wilson is a speaker for any event. He is professional, calm, easy to work, humorous and quickly bonds with the crowd. His is a risk-taker who can take on any challenge thrown his way. He is popular for his history of unforgettable keynotes, a depth of knowledge from interviews and personal experience, his education and expertise, his transformational content and his method of delivery.



He has spoken to over 520 000 people since he first stepped on the stage in 1997. He uses an entertaining, high energy style that is perfect for opening up of events. He is a sought-after MC, after dinner speaker, events opener and closure and inspirational speaker.



The science of taking fears out of change



Marty Wilson creates his programs to talk about the why, what and how to drive fear out of the accelerating pace of change and on how to implement new systems and process and how to emotionally commit to the changes that are vital to business success. His approach is different and unique from the rest in two major ways.



First, he deals with a change from a deeply human perspective. Instead of concentrating on the frameworks, process models, implementation workflows; Marty interacts with his listeners to pass on the same message from the foundation and works with his audiences as the human beings they are.



Secondly, having worked as a standup comedian for the brutal UK circuit for over seven years, he uses large slabs of humor and guarantees to hold his listener’s attention for long enough to pass his intended message. He is known to get people out of their work mindset and in leaving his audiences buzzing with energy and positivity.



His change without fear keynote uses the perfect blend of science and humor to explain why people get scared of new things and how they can use humor to embrace change in a powerful, user-friendly way.



Speaking forums

He speaks for;

· Businesses in the onset of change programs to aid their employees into accepting the positivity of change.

· Sectors that are being bombarded by the need to accept new technologies and operational methods

· Businesses that have had a change in leadership and required a change of direction and focus

· Companies that need to convince their people of the benefits and need for new systems, structures, and processes.

· Sectors that feels buffeted by the ever changing and always appearing business models

· Conference organizers that feel the need to open up a new program and get the delegates into a mindset that will have them accept the programs and hardcore learning from it.


Marty Wilson themes of change, innovation, future, leadership, sales, confidence, marketing, engagement, team building make him a relentless speaker and entrepreneur who have leaped from one successful career to another. He has spent his entire lifetime studying fear and relies on his diversified experience and knowledge to help people cope with change and lead them through uncertain times.Marty knows how to reach deep into the human psyche in his comedy.


MC Gig Tips


  1.  Make fun of yourself
  2. Try and get your first applause within the first 20 seconds of coming on, get the crowd to used to applauding from the start
  3. Ask friends and family what are the top 5 funny stories you tell socially and use those and make them relevant to what the conference of gig is about. When you have told a story many times before you tell it with confidence, you know exactly where the punchlines should be and the beats of the story. And use lessons and reasons as to why you used that story.
  4. Prepare the audiences minds for the subject matter
  5. Learn from James Bond


Perspective Play
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