A warm embrace for a friend after an awkward interview sums Chris Brogan up in a nutshell. He is a New York Times best-selling author, and an all round nice dude, which was perfectly summarized in the Marcus Sheridan episode. (Episode 436, in case you missed it) Sometimes the humanity of our leaders and influencers is overlooked in this somewhat cold climate of social media interaction.

“Entrepreneurship is never a straight line up towards the right, its always a jagged saturated blade” – Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is the CEO of Owner Media Group. The company provides individuals with business and project plans, online courses, in-person education, live keynote events and other events.

He is also the founder of Kitchen Table Companies, the president of Human Business Works and a member of HubSpot’s board of advisers. He is also a professional keynote speaker who has addressed several events in and outside the United States. He loves his career as a speaker because it helps him connect with many people and share ideas.

Chris is the author of 8 New York Times bestselling books, co-author of The Impact Equation and Social Media 101. He also runs a number of blogging sites which are dedicated to personal development and business success.

In 2012, Brogan worked as a freelancer editor at Entrepreneur; a US-based magazine and website that publish latest stories about small business management and entrepreneurship. In the same year, his blogging site, chrisbrogan.com, was ranked top 5 in the “Power150” ratings by Advertising Age.

In 2008, Chris launched the PodCamp unconference series which is a participant-driven meeting that brings together people interested in social networking, blogging, podcasting and other internet ventures. In the same year, he won the Mass High Tech All-Stars award.

Chris dedicates his time is running Owner Media Group, Inc. Co-founded this company together with Rob Hatch, who works as the President. Owner Media Group Inc works by creating and selling online courses and business plans.

Owner Media Group also offers training programs that help entrepreneurs and smaller businesses sell their digital and physical products online, attract more customers and grow their email lists. The company focuses on providing education and tools for personal development and business success.

Chris has consulted with and spoken at several reputable companies including IBM, GM, PepsiCo, Microsoft, Google, Humana Health, Cisco, Disney, Coke, Coldwell Banker, Titleist, Scotts and Sony USA just to mention a few. He has provided education and tools to several individuals and businesses helping them thrive.
Beside his consultation work, he has been interviewed by several individuals including Dr. Phil. He has also interviewed many successful individuals such as Richard Branson. Several notable individuals including Steven Pressfield, Harvey Macka, and Paulo Coelho have shared their best ideas with Chris.
Chris was listed by Forbes as one of the Must-Follow Marketing Minds of 2014. They also listed his website as one of the top 100 blogging sites for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


He backs up any lofty ideas that he shares with a mix of candid humor, actionable steps, and straight talk. He has managed to deliver real performance-improving insight and unique blend inspiration to thousands of listeners across the world.
When Chris Brogan is talking to you, you can rest assured that you will be entertained non-stop, enlightened and empowered by his performance.

Mike and Chris Discuss:

  • 21:16 Meditation
  • 25:17 Late to the unemployable game
  • 30:15 In patience in entrepreneurship
  • 37:38 Flirting with watches
  • 42:18 How to be more decisive
  • 49:04 Working more for people
  • 55:58 Psychology of pricing your course and course platforms
  • 61:14 Pokemon Go Four Minute Mile

How to be more decisive.

  1. Match the decisions to your map
  2. Get faster at risk assessment
  3. Choose fast
  4. Learn to accept failures
  5. Correct and adapt quickly

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