Today’s guest is former professional dancer and model Samantha Skelly.   Sam speaks of her struggle with food, and the battle she had trying to keep her body beautiful to “society” standards.  She now runs Hungry For Happiness, a community for women battling body image issues and eating disorders to help them find their way to the right track.  We also dig into the dynamic between an entrepreneurial woman, and her man.  It’s a fascinating dive into the masculine, the feminine, and how they interact around solopreneurship. A must listen for you and your lady, or your gentleman!


Mike and Samantha Discuss:

  • 4:49 Counting calories and rejection
  • 7:36 Body Dysmorphia
  • 10:54 Complement their energy, never their looks
  • 13:06 Journaling and obsessed
  • 18:33 Origins of the strength to execute
  • 21:25 Tony Hawk 900
  • 26:14 State of flow and the right brand
  • 31:02 Meditation, the 80/20
  • 41:49 Relationships
  • 57:28 Communications three years in
  • 60:35 Terrible at hints
  • 65:01 Masculin and feminine roles
  • 67:23 Bridging the communication gap


Samantha is involved in bringing together women who have been able to achieve sustainable body weight loss as a result of diet change into a single community. She has been helping many women to alter their diet rather than restricting food intake to reduce body weight.
Samantha is known as an emotional eating coach. She has already given solutions to many women who have been suffering silently from eating disorders, also advising many women who have body image issues on how to correct their bodies. With her, you can establish a proper diet without going hungry while, at the same time, maintaining a good shape.
Hungry for Happiness has all its programs and objectives designed to helping women embrace proper diet and also body exercise. Samantha aims at helping 1 million women who have sustainably reduced their body weight and also improved their feeling for self.
Samantha was a dancer. The usual life of a dancer involves fasting moments and eating few types of foods while overlooking others. This is done in an attempt to maintain the shape of the body. Mostly, long term dancers develop poor eating habits and body dysmorphia.
On her part, Samantha was used to eating foods of her interest. As a result, her ballet teachers were on her complaining about her body and poor performance in dancing. Thus, she decided to try different methods to correct her body through changing diet and other activities. However, none of these methods worked successfully for her. She would not go to gym or any other exercise again as she had already given up on her body and how it looked. The same issue that she eventually began to solve was the same issue that she went through previously in her dancing life.
Following this was a definite feeling that developed in Samantha about her food habits and also her body image. After a while, she was able to relate healthy diet with proper diet as well as maximum body exercises. Consequently, her body responded to become what she always hoped for. Many women went to her to seek advice from her. She gained passion in advising and helping women to find their way out of an issue she once went through. Eventually, Hungry for Happiness was born. Samantha Skelly decided to quit dancing in an attempt to help her fellow women all over the world.
Before founding, Samantha went through a period of self-hatred and a bad self-image. However, she later changed and embraced a different life based on proper diet and body exercises. Soon was able to help her friends and other clients. Determined to do great, she started her forum to helping women and later joining them into a collective group.
Currently, Samantha has visited over 33 countries, and she is still aiming to visit more and reach many women across the globe. By 2015, Hungry for Happiness recorded a total of over 50 000 women. This has been a notably big step which has brought together many women from all over the world.
Among the programs that she has established to join women together included the, “Beating the Binge” and “Eligible Bachelorettes.” Through these programs, Samantha Skelly has been able to mobilize women, after training them, to link in more women to get helped by her programs.
Many women and even the entire society have noticed and recognized the efforts brought forth by Samantha. In her travels, she has been aiming to help women raise their self-esteem through coaching programs. These programs are provided by her organization mainly through online coaching programs. The programs are designated to relish women from eating disorders and poor body images issues.
As she hopes to see the change in the world, Samantha aims to make women realize their problem while handling food and also while addressing themselves. She directs her energy to advising them and guiding them to correct their food habits and their feelings for self. In return, she is sure that women will improve their body appearance and self-esteem as a result of simple DIY coaching skills.

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