1040727_10200890733384088_1344735466_oAs solopreneurs making the transition from doing what we know to teaching and sharing our knowledge is typically the difference between burnout and bliss. To start that transition we often create a side gig.

The man who has made multiple six figures doing just that: taking side gigs and turning them into multiple streams of income is none other than our friend Dr. Mark Costes.

Dr. Mark joins us to talk about his latest venture, the Six-Figure Side Gig Podcast and how he helps others by leveraging his knowledge into products and additional income streams. We dive into all of that and more on episode 311 of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About Six-Figure Side Gig

Dr. Mark has made several appearances on The Solopreneur Hour (you can find them here) so if you haven’t heard his back story have a listen! In a nutshell, Dr. Mark has gone from being a successful dentist with multiple practices to a dentalpreneur with multiple sources of income from helping countless others follow in his footsteps.

Today he has multiple streams of income helping other dentists and other practitioners grow thriving practices, and by providing a franchise-type system for dental assistant schools that other dentists can buy and set up for their own additional side gig income stream.

It all began because he was running six successful practices, but was burnt out. He had very little time or energy to give his family, and he was losing his love of dentistry.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • When did he first commit to leveraging his knowledge?
  • How becoming an entrepreneur has helped him enjoy dentistry again.
  • How many income streams does he have?
  • What’s the #1 thing he’s learned from his podcast?
  • What was my most terrifying moment on stage?
  • And much more.

So he spent a year developing a curriculum for a dental assistant school. He worked tirelessly over that year, and then opened his first school. Once the school was underway he handed over the curriculum to his staff and had them run it. He is there for the orientation night and for graduation night, but otherwise his team handles everything.

That one school grew to over a dozen, and when other dentists started asking him how he was doing it Dr. Mark got serious about marketing the school as a way for other dentists to make additional income. The idea took off and today he has 140 schools throughout the United States.

But being the entrepreneur in dentist’s clothing that he is Dr. Mark didn’t stop there. He took his passion for coaching, which initially was him consuming all the coaching he could get his hands on, and now offers his wisdom to others wanting to create a six-figure side gig. He does this with his twice-weekly podcast Six-Figure Side Gig and also with personal coaching.

He helps clients in multiple industries; he has a real estate agent who is building an empire with his real estate agent training school. And he’s also working a doctor to create a CNA/medical assistant school system like Dr. Mark did for dental assistants.

On today’s show we talk more about his most recent podcast Six-Figure Side Gig and what he’s learned from the notable people he’s interviewed, and why and how he started holding events for the dental crowd. Plus he gives us the formula he uses to translate his knowledge and experiences into products and programs. It’s all here on episode 311 of The Solopreneur Hour – enoy!

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